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Brittany Burns: Buffalo Bills Linebacker Tony Steward’s Fiancee Dies of Ovarian Cancer
Brittany Burns was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer less than a month ago. Three days later–on December 9–Buffalo Bills linebacker T...
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6 Feet Of Snow: Bills Pay Fans To Shovel Stadium
Hey Buffalo Bills fans, want to see your team play the Jets this Sunday? If you do, you may have to pitch in to help clear snow from the stadium. Ther...
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Jon Bon Jovi Reportedly Dumped By Investment Group
Jon Bon Jovi has reportedly been dropped by the Toronto-based investment group he partnered with to bid on the Buffalo Bills, sources told the New Yor...
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Jon Bon Jovi Advances In Bid For Buffalo Bills
Jon Bon Jovi and the investment group he’s affiliated with in Toronto have reached the final stages of a deal to acquire the Buffalo Bills, alho...
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Jon Bon Jovi Faces Strong Criticism From Former Bill
Jon Bon Jovi has faced some strong criticism lately for his interest in acquiring the Buffalo Bills, but now he’s also getting it from former te...
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Jon Bon Jovi Wants To Keep The Bills Where They Are
Jon Bon Jovi is a potential buyer in the bid for NFL team the Buffalo Bills, but a source connected to his group says the rumors of relocation are unt...
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Monica Seles To Marry Thomas Golisano
Monica Seles, famous tennis player and former stab victim, is engaged to marry Thomas Golisano, potential future Buffalo Bills owner and billionaire. ...
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Monica Seles Engaged to 72-Year Old Billionaire
Professional tennis player Monica Seles has secured many titles in her lifetime. She is a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, has won nin...
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Monica Seles: Owner Of The Buffalo Bills?
Hungarian tennis pro Monica Seles, 40, is engaged to 72-year-old Tom Golisano, the former owner of the NHL team, Buffalo Sabres. Seles is known for be...
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Buffalo Bills: New Owner May Be Announced in July
The Buffalo Bills may have a new owner. Although nothing will be announced until a few months from now, a deal is in the works with an interested part...
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Herschel Walker Backs Trump For Bills Ownership
Herschel Walker gave an interesting interview to USA Today this week, and portions of it have spread like wildfire online after he both claimed he cou...
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Herschel Walker, MMA Fighter, Wants To Play Football, Thinks Trump Should Own Buffalo Bills
In an interview with USA Today, Herschel Walker, 52 year old former NFL running back and current MMA fighter, said “I can play in the NFL today.” ...
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Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Want (At Least) Minimum Wage
Five former cheerleaders have filed suit over wages against the Buffalo Bills. The team currently classifies cheerleaders as independent contractors, ...
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Buffalo Bills Fans Sue Over Text Alert Snafu, Win Buffalo Bills Gift Cards
Thousands of Buffalo Bills fans will receive gift cards to purchase official Buffalo Bills merchandise after they received a few too many text alerts ...
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Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Sue Team Over Pay
On Tuesday, five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders filed a lawsuit against the NFL team over an unfair pay system. The girls, known as the Buffalo Jil...
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Jim Kelly Fans Welcome Him Home To Buffalo
Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly received a warm welcome from his fans as he made is way home to Buffalo, New York. Thousands of fans gathered at th...
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Ralph Wilson Dies, What’s Next for the Bills?
Buffalo Bills owner and American Football League co-founder Ralph Wilson passed away yesterday. Along with mourning his death, football fans, coaches,...
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Ralph Wilson, Owner Of The Buffalo Bills, Passes Away At 95
American Football League co-founder and owner of the Buffalo Bills, Ralph Wilson, died in his home on Tuesday. The official announcement was made by R...
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Bon Jovi Is Interested In Buying The Buffalo Bills
Another musician is interested in owning a sports team. This time, it is aging rocker Bon Jovi, who is somehow managing to continue touring, and makin...
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Jon Bon Jovi Interested in Buying Buffalo Bills
Jon Bon Jovi has expressed interest in buying the Buffalo Bills. The team will officially go on the market once owner Ralph Wilson passes away–a...
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