Herschel Walker Backs Trump For Bills Ownership

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Herschel Walker gave an interesting interview to USA Today this week, and portions of it have spread like wildfire online after he both claimed he could step into an NFL game today--at the age of 52--and announced that he backs Donald Trump's decision to go for ownership of the Buffalo Bills.

Walker and Trump have a longstanding friendship, going back to his pre-NFL days, when he played for the tycoon on the USFL's New Jersey Generals in 1984/1985. Walker says Trump would keep the Bills relevant.

“He would be a great owner, and a credible owner. People can think what they want to think about Jerry Jones — he’s a terrible general manager, but he’s a great owner. He has done a tremendous job in marketing his team to keep it relevant. I think that’s the same thing Donald Trump would do with the Buffalo Bills," Walker said.

While many of Trump's fans are supportive of the idea, some think he may have a problem with some of the other NFL owners after his 1986 antitrust lawsuit against the league on behalf of the USFL.

"He did try to bring the NFL down,” said an unnamed NFL owner. “Certainly, a lot of owners aren’t around anymore. Maybe some of the new guys wouldn’t bear the same type of resentment that some of the older guys would. Do you think he would be a good partner for us or be somewhat of a maverick and be in it for himself? All questions that have to be asked. It’s not just the USFL stuff. Who knows how serious he is. He likes to have his name out there. Let’s put it this way: I don’t think his confirmation would be a slam dunk.”

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