Buffalo Bills: New Owner May Be Announced in July


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The Buffalo Bills may have a new owner. Although nothing will be announced until a few months from now, a deal is in the works with an interested party.

Through an anonymous source, the Associated Press reported that the Buffalo Bills could be sold as soon as July. A major sales group has toured Buffalo, New York, for new stadium locations. Since the sale has not been finalized, anonymity has been preserved for the source and the potential buyer.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has sped up the New York State government's involvement with the sale. He plans to hire a consulting firm to advise owners to preserve the current location of the team or at least keep the team in New York State. "The governor wants to be prepared if there are any earlier offers to buy the team," Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy said, "Our team is looking at sites now in Erie County, Buffalo, Niagara County. We're just being prepared because we don't know who the next owner will be. We're not sure what the goals and the objectives of the next ownership team will be."

Lots of names have been passed around for the potential new owner of the Bills. Bon Jovi, the New Jersey rock and roll musician expressed an interest in November. The musician was a primary owner of an Arena Football League team, and he has been proactive in meeting with NFL leadership.

Donald Trump has been in the mix too. He received an endorsement from retired player Herschel Walker. If Trump doesn't decide to buy the Bills, he may run for New York State Governor instead.

Since the death of long time Bills owner Ralph Wilson in March, many more names have come up as interested parties. The Wire published a list which included billionaire New York City real estate developer Howard Milstein, former Hall of Fame Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, and NHL's Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs.

Image via Buffalo Bills, Twitter