Jim Kelly Fans Welcome Him Home To Buffalo


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Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly received a warm welcome from his fans as he made is way home to Buffalo, New York.

Thousands of fans gathered at the airport dressed head to toe in Buffalo Bill attire and carrying signs with greetings to Kelly. Sadly, they weren't able to get a glimpse of Kelly, as his plane landed at a different area of the airport.

After suffering from severe migraines, doctors diagnosed Kelly with cancer, and said that he had "countless microscopic" tumors in his head. Since then, Kelly has been receiving treatment for his diagnosis, and says that he will be back.

Despite not being able to see Kelly at the airport, fans were excited to learn that he would be staying put, and receiving the rest of his treatments at home in Buffalo.

"We thought we'd come out and show our support, and wish him well and all that, and hope everything is alright. (We) hope he gets past this. He’s got a tough road, and I hope he can get over it," fan Paul Heimer said.

"For him to have adopted this city says that we mean a lot more than, we’re more than just a place and a team. We’re a community that actually takes people in and makes them feel welcome. For him to throw that love back at us, for all the philanthropy he’s done, for all the support he’s shown, for his efforts to try to keep the team in Buffalo, whatever they may be, we have to support him right back because he's basically taken us in," said another fan Michael Parthum.

Kelly shared a photo on his wife's Instagram account, with a caption thanking all of his fans for their support. "#12 has a quick HOMECOMING message for #BUFFALO and our amazing fans! WE ARE SO BLESSED by your love and we thank God for you! Keep praying! The battle isn't over! But we are confident in the ONE who leads the charge! And we celebrate Him!! #prayersforJK," he wrote.

He later shared another post that read: "“Hey everybody, I'm glad to be home, back in Buffalo. Sorry I missed some of you guys at the airport, but now I'm here with my family. Thank you, God bless you, and I will be back,” he said.

Image via Wikimedia Commons