Teslas Poised to Get a Range Upgrade, Thanks to New Panasonic Batteries

Teslas are poised to receive a significant range upgrade, as early as 2023, with new batteries from Panasonic.

GM Signs Deal With SolidEnergy Systems to Improve EV Range

GM has partnered with MIT spinout SolidEnergy Systems to improve EV range, thanks to an innovative type of battery.

President Biden Signs Executive Order to Review Supply Chain

President Biden has signed an executive order authorizing a review of the US supply chain, including semiconductors.

Electric F-150 Battery Supply Endangered by Import Dispute

Batteries for the electric F-150 may be in short supply due to an import dispute involving the Korean supplier Ford is using.

Electric Vehicles Nearing Adoption Tipping Point

Electric vehicles are approaching the tipping point of mass adoption thanks to a combination of factors.

StoreDot Demonstrates ‘5-Minute Charge’ Electric Vehicle Batteries

StoreDot has achieved a significant milestone, demonstrating lithium-ion (Li-ion) electric vehicle batteries that charge in five minutes.

EU Working to Be Self-Sufficient on Electric Vehicle Batteries by 2025

As electric and hybrid vehicles become standard, the EU is working to become self-sufficient in the batteries powering them by 2025.

Germany Will Require All Fueling Stations to Offer Electric Vehicle Charging

Germany has taken a significant step toward widespread adoption of electric vehicles, by requiring fueling stations to offer electric vehicle charging.

VW Switching to High-Nickel Batteries

Volkswagen is set to significantly increase the amount of nickel in its electric vehicle batteries.

EU May Enorce Smartphone Replaceable Batteries

The European Commission is considering a proposal that would force smartphone manufacturers to use easily replaceable batteries.

Tesla Has Significant Battery Tech Advantage

Citing Cairn Energy Research Advisors, CNBC is reporting that Tesla has a significant advantage in electric battery technology. The electric vehicle pioneer is facing more and more competition from startups and established rivals. Rivian has made headlines as a more…

Nikola Motors May Have Found ‘Holy Grail Of Batteries’

NBC News is reporting that Nikola Motors claims to have found the “Holy Grail of batteries,” promising to double the range of electric vehicles and the number of recharge cycles, while cutting costs in half. Nikola is not going into…

Elon Musk: New Tesla Product Line Coming April 30

Elon Musk and Tesla are cooking up something for late April, and it’s not a new car. “Major new Tesla product line – not a car – will be unveiled at our Hawthorne Design Studio on Thurs 8pm, April 30,”…

Tesla and Apple Rumors Continue to Swirl

On Sunday, the San Francisco Chronicle released an article which has shaken the core of the internet and tech world. According to an anonymous source, Adrian Perica, Apple’s merger and acquisitions chief, and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, held a…

Lithium Batteries Cause Plane Crash

Anyone who has ever carried a battery and spare change in the same pocket knows that things can heat up considerably when that battery gets going. Never done that? How about crossing up and connecting together two nine-volt batteries? That…

BMW, Toyota Team Up to Develop Future Battery Technology, Hydrogen Fuel-Cell System

BMW and Toyota today announced that the car companies have teamed up to develop a new fuel-cell system and the future of lithium battery technology. The companies signed binding agreements to collaborate on several projects meant to usher in future…

Folding Battery Developed By KAIST Researchers

Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have developed a flexible battery, which is capturing some media attention, and could be used to make electronic devices more bendable. The important thing to note is that when…

Spray Paint Battery Could Turn Any Surface Into Power Storage

Researchers at Rice University have developed a battery that can be spray-painted. The lithium-ion battery can be painted onto nearly any surface, and is rechargeable. The battery is spray-painted in layers, with each layer representing a part of a traditional…

Galaxy S II Catches Fire In Guy’s Pants

Talk about a close call. A really, really close call. Apparently, a Samsung Galaxy S II caught fire inside someone’s pocket. The incident was reported on the xda-developers forums, by a friend who seemed to be seeing at least a…

Super Batteries Use Silicon, Tiny Holes To Improve Life, Recharge Time

Batteries are on everybody’s mind these days. As smart devices evolve to perform more complex actions, the batteries that power those devices must hold up their end of the deal and provide sufficient charge time. Battery issues have plagued the…