DOJ Launches Investigation of Tesla Over Self-Driving Claims

Tesla is being investigated by the Department of Justice over the company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) and Autopilot claims.

Tesla Autopilot’s Latest Crash Involved a Police Car

When you’re trying to convince the world of your autonomous driving software, it’s a good idea not to hit police cars — as Tesla is learning.

Consumer Reports: Tesla Autopilot ‘Easily Tricked’ Into Operating Without Driver

Consumer Reports (CR) has tested Tesla’s Autopilot software and it’s not good news for the electric vehicle company.

Consumer Reports: Tesla’s In-Vehicle Cameras a Privacy Concern

Consumer Reports has raised concerns about Tesla’s in-vehicle cameras, saying they represent a privacy concern.

Consumer Reports: GM’s Super Cruise Takes Top Spot, Tesla Autopilot ‘Distant Second’

Consumer Reports has ranked 17 active driver assistance programs, and GM’s Super Cruise has taken the top spot.

Not So Fast: Tesla Plows Into Overturned Truck in Autopilot Failure

Autonomous driving critics were handed another example supporting their skepticism, as a Tesla Model 3 plowed into an overturned truck.