Harman CEO Sees Critical Need For 5G Standards And Vehicle Automation

In an interview with CNBC Harman International Industries CEO Dinesh Paliwal discussed the importance of 5G standards, as well as vehicle automation. “We need standardization. We need clear regulatory framework which cuts across states and countries. “Imagine Europe. If Germany,…

California Welcomes Driverless Delivery Vehicles

KRCR News is reporting that California has opened the doors to driverless delivery vehicles, provided they receive a permit from the DMV. According to the report, “the Office of Administrative Law approved revised regulations on Monday that will allow companies…

Waymo Technology Now Powering Driverless Rides, Trucking, and Delivery

We have ride-hailing, long-haul trucking, and then delivery as well. We’re also interested in personally owned cars. We’re very excited about the long haul trucking opportunity. We’ve already done a pilot with Google shipping some of their datacenter parts in Atlanta.

Wayve Raises $20 Million To Improve Autonomous Vehicle AI

VentureBeat is reporting that U.K.-based startup Wayve has raised $20 million in Series A funding to improve AI for autonomous vehicles. Wayve takes a different approach to autonomous vehicles than many other companies. Rather than hand-coded rules, or throwing more…

Big Tech Won’t Build Products That Are Part of the Kill Chain, Says Anduril Founder

I don’t think that Microsoft, Amazon, or any of these big tech companies are going to go all-in and say we are going to build products that are going to be controversial, part of the kill chain, and designed specifically for DoD, says the founder of Oculus VR and Anduril, Palmer Luckey.

Intel CEO: I Was Blown Away By Mobileye’s Autonomous Driving Technology

“I was blown away by how fast and how quickly their autonomous driving technology has developed,” says Intel CEO Bob Swan in reference to Mobileye. “Their technology increasingly builds our confidence for our ability to go from L2, L 2+, to L3 and to deploy automobiles for robo-taxi’s in early 2022.”

We Built the Data Platform For AI To Enable Safe Self-Driving Cars, Says Scale AI CEO

“What we’ve done at Scale is built the data platform for AI,” says Scale AI’s 22-year-old CEO, Alexandr Wang. “AI is really built on top of data and these algorithms require billions and billions of examples of labeled data to be able to perform in a safe or reliable way. Then they use the data to build their self-driving cars.”

Walmart Testing Self-Driving Delivery Vans, Says Gatik AI CEO

“Our partnership with Walmart is a huge validation that commercialization and scalability of autonomous vehicles will happen in the B2B short or logistic space,” says Gatik AI CEO Guatam Narang. “Our autonomous vehicles will be moving goods for Walmart from one of their dock stores to their neighborhood markets in Bentonville, Arkansas.”

Starsky Robotics Launching Fully Autonomous Long-Haul Trucks in Florida

“We are now gearing up to take the person completely out of the cab on public roads in the state of Florida,” says Starsky Robotics CEO Stefan Seltz-Axmacher. “We’ve been testing on Florida roads with people in the cabs for a couple of years. We are starting off in the easiest conditions, in good weather, and with good lighting.”

Autonomous Driving is Coming No Matter What, Says SoftBank CEO

“Autonomous driving is coming no matter what,” says Says SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son. SoftBank is Uber’s largest shareholder. “That’s the destiny of where technology is going to drive us,” he added. “When autonomous driving comes the cost of providing the service will dramatically get more efficient.”