Germany Clearing Autonomous Vehicles for Regular Use

Germany is poised to be the first country to clear autonomous vehicles for everyday use.

California DMV Reviewing Tesla Over Self-Driving Claims

Tesla is currently “under review” by California’s DMV to determine if the company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology claims were misleading.

GM CEO Wants Personal Autonomous Vehicles by 2030

General Motors CEO Mary Barra is has expressed her desire to have personal autonomous vehicles by 2030.

Volkswagen Chooses Microsoft Azure to Accelerate Autonomous Driving

Volkswagen has announced it is partnering with Microsoft to use Azure to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles.

The Autonomous Vehicle Economy

It’s no wonder that auto insurance is one of the American’s largest yearly sums. Car insurance costs per person measure nearly $2,500 a year, and have been steadily rising over time. In fact, research suggests that premiums are rising 6.4%…

Tesla Promises $25,000 Vehicle Within Three Years

Elon Musk has promised dramatically lower battery costs, leading to $25,000 Tesla vehicles within three years.

Ultimate Solution For Uber and Lyft Is Autonomy

Gene Munster discusses how California in forcing drivers to be employees may ultimately speed up the efforts of Uber and Lyft to go fully self-driving and thereby simply eliminate all human drivers.

Report: Potential Tesla Valuation of $2.7 Trillion by 2024

Tesla’s current share price is roughly $735 equating to a market cap of $132.4 billion. A $7,000 per share price would increase their current value tenfold. And that’s just Ark’s “expected” valuation. Ark’s bullish valuation is $15,000 a share, a $2.7 trillion market cap.

Harman CEO Sees Critical Need For 5G Standards And Vehicle Automation

In an interview with CNBC Harman International Industries CEO Dinesh Paliwal discussed the importance of 5G standards, as well as vehicle automation. “We need standardization. We need clear regulatory framework which cuts across states and countries. “Imagine Europe. If Germany,…

California Welcomes Driverless Delivery Vehicles

KRCR News is reporting that California has opened the doors to driverless delivery vehicles, provided they receive a permit from the DMV. According to the report, “the Office of Administrative Law approved revised regulations on Monday that will allow companies…