Microsoft Rolls Out Tool for Brands to Build Their Own AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

It’s been a busy week for Microsoft. The company launched an open source system for designing virtual assistants and also revealed several updates to its conversational AI solutions. Microsoft showed several realistic ways that customers can use artificial intelligence in…

How Tech Startup Raycatch is Revolutionizing Solar Efficiency

Raycatch Founder Michael Goldstein says that his VC backed software startup is using artificial intelligence to bring significant efficiencies to solar projects all over the world. Their DeepSolar solution captures data, does an AI-powered analysis, and then provides action items.

Siri Co-founder: I Would Have Liked to See Siri Evolve to Doing More Things

The Co-Founder & former CEO of Siri, Dag Kittlaus, says that he “would have liked to see Siri evolve to doing more things, greater capabilities to become a bigger part of your life.” Siri was acquired by Apple in 2010.

Scott Belsky: Augmented Reality Will Be Bigger than the Web

Adobe’s Scott Belsky says that augmented reality will be as big or bigger than the Web itself. “Augmented reality, to me, is the next major medium,” says Belsky. “I actually would go on the record saying that I think someday AR will be as big, if not bigger, than the Web because it will literally be everywhere.”

How Adobe is Using AI to Transform the Customer Experience

“Adobe Sensei an AI and machine learning platform that deeply understands how our users work and delivers a lot of simple workflow that makes that magical moment happens in any of our applications,” noted Abhay Parasnis, CTO & EVP at Adobe.

How IBM Watson AI Technology Was Used at the US Open

At the Streaming Media East 2018 conference, David Clevinger, Senior Director, Product Management & Strategy, IBM Cloud Video, discussed how Watson’s AI technology was used at the recently concluded US Open Tennis Championship.

For HR, the Key to the Future is Embracing Technology for the Betterment of Humans

Anything that cannot be automated or digitized becomes more valuable and that is going to be the tough part for HR. We are moving to a world where emotional intelligence is becoming just as important as IQ for HR managers.

China is Home to the World’s Most Valuable AI Startup, SenseTime is Valued at $4.5 Billion

The artificial intelligence community received a major boost recently with SenseTime’s history-making funding round. The Chinese startup recently announced that it has raised $600 million in funding, a feat that has made SenseTime the most valuable AI startup in the…

Microsoft is Now Offering AI Certification Courses, Job-Ready Skills and Real-World Experience Included

Professionals wanting to polish their skills or add machine learning to their resume can now do so via the Microsoft Professional Program. Recognizing the need for companies to train their employees in the latest AI trends, the software giant is…

Google Drive Update Will Use AI to Help Organize and Retrieve Shared Files

Google Drive is an indispensable cloud-based tool for countless organizations worldwide. Its file sharing and synchronization services allow users to store and share all kinds of data within their group, enhancing their overall productivity through seamless collaboration. However, Google Drive…