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Tag: Artificial Intelligence

How AI and Marketing are Changing the Industry
There is no doubt that ai and marketing will change the overall industry. Learn more about these rapid advances below....
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Get Ready For Google to Scrape All Of Your Online Content For AI
Google has updated its privacy policy, making it clear that it views all online content as fair game for training its AI models....
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OpenAI CEO Signs Open Letter Warning of AI-Caused ‘Extinction’
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has signed an open letter warning of the dangers AI poses, including the extinction of humanity....
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Human Ingenuity:  The Key to Unlocking AI’s Full Potential
If we are ever able to unlock the potential of AI, we need to look to human ingenuity. See more in the article below. ...
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OpenAI Adds Privacy Controls to ChatGPT
OpenAI has added privacy controls to ChatGPT as the company faces increased scrutiny over the use of user data....
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Midjourney 5 Revolutionizes AI-Generated Images
Midjourney has become arguably the most popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) for text-to-image generation....
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Google CEO Under Fire for ‘Rushed, Botched’ AI Reveal
Google CEO Sundar Pichai is under fire from employees over how the company has handled its response to Microsoft's AI....
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Satya Nadella: ‘We Made Google Dance’ With AI-Powered Bing
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is enjoying putting pressure on Google using ChatGPT, saying he has "been waiting for it."...
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Google Won the Search Wars, but Can It Win the AI Search Wars?
Google is the undisputed leader in the search industry but is now facing new challenges that threaten its dominance....
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Bret Taylor and Clay Bavor Are Starting an AI Company
Salesforce's former co-CEO Bret Taylor is starting an AI firm with Clay Bavor, current VP of Google Lab....
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Microsoft Announces AI-Powered Bing and Edge Web Browser
As expected, Microsoft has taken the wraps off of the latest version of Bing, one that relies on artificial intelligence to provide answers....
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Colombian Judge Uses ChatGPT in Legal Decision
Judge Juan Manuel Padilla Garcia, of the First Circuit Court in the city of Cartagena, has become the first judge to use ChatGPT in a decision....
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Baidu Set to Unveil AI-Powered Search
Baidu is preparing to unveil an AI-powered, ChatGPT-like search engine based on the company's Ernie tech....
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CNET Uses ChatGPT to Write Articles, Runs Into Major Issues
Tech website CNET tried to use ChatGPT to write articles, but the quality and accuracy left much to be desired....
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Microsoft Looks to Invest $10 Billion in OpenAI and ChatGPT
OpenAI's ChatGPT has taken the world by storm and Microsoft is not immune, with the Redmond giant set to invest $10 billion in the firm and its tech....
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COVID Accelerated Digital Transformation, Says DocuSign CEO
We have seen significant acceleration since the COVID-19 pandemic, says DocuSign CEO Dan Springer. A significant portion of that (increase) was due to...
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Relying on AI Assistants Leads to Less Secure Code
Developers that rely on AI assistants to help them end up writing code that is buggier and less secure than developers that don't rely on AI....
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AI Coding Startup Kite Is Shutting Down, Open Sourcing Product
Kite, the startup that tried to bring AI-assisted coding to the market, is shutting down and open sourcing the majority of its code....
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Microsoft and Nvidia Partner to Build Cloud-Based Supercomputer
Microsoft and Nvidia are teaming up to build a cloud-based supercomputer with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI)....
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Nvidia, Arm, and Intel Collaborate on AI Standard
Three of the biggest names in the semiconductor industry are collaborating on a new standard for AI interchange format....
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