How AI and Marketing are Changing the Industry

There is no doubt that ai and marketing will change the overall industry. Learn more about these rapid advances below....
How AI and Marketing are Changing the Industry
Written by Staff
  • Marketing has undergone significant changes in recent years due to technological advancements and the shift in consumer behavior. The reason for the change in the marketing industry is because of artificial intelligence. Let’s do a deeper dive as to how AI and marketing are evolving the broader industry below.

    A lot of major companies are using artificial intelligence because it helps make their job easier. If you notice in the infographic below, you will see that 77% of companies use or are researching artificial intelligence. 

    Industries Using AI and Marketing

    For example, AI is used in legal and professional services, high-tech, financial services, retail, automotive, and pharmacy. AI can solve problems in some of these marketing industries because it can facilitate learning and create new solutions.  

    For example, AI has been used in 14% of pharmacies in healthcare while it is used in 28% of legal and professional services. It proves that AI is progressing in each of these industries, regardless of its level of usage.

    AI is employed in diverse industries, each utilizing its unique applications within the aspect of marketing. It is utilized in email marketing, marketing lead scoring, customer service routing, fraud detection, cross-selling and upselling, and service chatbot. It is used a lot in businesses as it helps increase productivity.

    It will help increase productivity due to the advancements of new AI applications. There has been an increase in AI startups since 2000. It is constantly on the move of making more and better marketing tools. 

    New AI Tools

    There are new marketing tools that have been created for businesses and individuals to leverage in their daily activities. Examples include ChatGPT, Make-A-Video, Bard, and many others. 

    ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that is capable of interactive dialogue as 1 million people utilize these tools. Make-A-Video is an AI tool that helps generate videos from text-based prompts. Bard is Google’s newest answer to ChatGPT.

    There are many more marketing tools, but they all help contribute to the betterment of businesses. These tools contribute to enhancing marketing outcomes on a global scale, as they are widely embraced and utilized to achieve better marketing results.

    These tools utilize advanced technologies such as natural language processing, video generation, and content creation algorithms to enhance marketing strategies. 

    Experts are deeply intrigued by the continuous improvement and advancement of AI. According to the founder and CEO of the Marketing AI Institute, businesses that fail to adopt AI are falling behind in today’s society.

    Individuals who embrace and use AI will gain an understanding of its capabilities and its capabilities in solving business challenges.

    Bringing it all Together

    Due to the ongoing evolution of AI, the world can anticipate additional applications in the future. There will also be new features for AI in the future. AI in marketing automation is increasingly relied upon, and small businesses are enjoying enhanced accessibility to these technologies. See more about AI and marketing in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Nova:

    How Generative AI is Changing Marketing
    Source: Nova

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