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Marketing: the Fledgling Artists’ Secret Weapon
Artists often find themselves in a crowded market and need a differential advantage to stay ahead. Learn several marketing strategies below....
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Christie’s Says AI Art is Not a Masterpiece, But Good Enough for $10K
Christie’s announced that it is going to auction for the first time art that has been generated via an artificial intelligence algorithm which is es...
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Shia LaBeouf Is Watching Every Single Shia LaBeouf Movie in a Row Right Now, and You Can Watch Him Do It
Today, Shia LaBeouf will watch Fury, Nymphomanic (Volumes 1 and 2), Charlie Countryman, Lawless, and likely a Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Over the...
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Wassily Kandinsky: Abstract Artist Gets a Birthday Google Doodle
Wassily Kandinsky, the Russian-born artist and theorist who is known as one of the key figures in abstract art, has been given his own Google Doodle o...
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Vincent Van Gogh May Not Have Killed Himself, After All
Vincent Van Gogh has enriched the lives of countless people around the world with his art since his death in 1890, but to most, the man himself remain...
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Corita Kent: Artist Celebrated With Google Doodle
Corita Kent, an artist, nun, and educator, is being celebrated on Google’s homepage today with a doodle on her birthday. She was born on Novembe...
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Vincent van Gogh Painting Goes For $62 Million, But Doesn’t Break Auction Record
Not many people would be willing to spend millions of dollars on a painting, even if it was created by Vincent van Gogh. But a Chinese mogul opted to ...
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Sara Bareilles Sued Over Concert Ad Art
Sara Bareilles made a name for herself creating catchy pop tunes, but now the singer/songwriter is being accused of stealing another artist’s wo...
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David Bowie Classics to be Covered at MCA
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago has been chosen as the U.S. venue for the David Bowie is… exhibit, which opened to great fanfare Londo...
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eBay Partners With Invaluable For Live Auctions
eBay announced on Thursday that it has partnered with Invaluable to bring over 2,000 auction houses to eBay buyers. Invaluable has its own live online...
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Snowy Mountain Painting Worth Millions Thrown Away?
To quote R&B diva Beyonce following a technical error during one of her shows, “Somebody’s getting fired!” That somebody is of ...
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Spring Equinox Gets A Google Doodle (And Here’s A Look Back At Some Others)
Google is celebrating the Spring Equinox, otherwise known as the first day of Spring, with an animated Google doodle. It features some ghost/Grimace-l...
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Millie Brown Has More Art In Her Vomit Than Us
Who is Millie Brown? Millie Brown puts every person claiming to have a sensitive stomach to pure, colorful shame– she might rival the guy from M...
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John Steinbeck’s 112th Birthday Celebrated With Google Doodle
Google is celebrating the works of author John Steinbeck with a doodle today, which would have been his 112th birthday. He died in 1968 at the age of ...
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What in the Bloody Hell Is This Steve Jobs Statue?
It’s unlikely that Steve Jobs is either looking up or looking down upon the world he left in 2011. But if he is, I’m sure he’s runni...
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You Too Can Make Your Own 3D Chocolate Printer
At CES, 3D Systems announced that it was entering the 3D printed food market with the ChefJet and ChefJet Pro 3D printers. After that, it announced th...
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Huguette Clark Art Collection to be Auctioned
An incredibly impressive art collection, owned by the mysterious late Huguette Clark, is set to be auctioned this summer after a tour to show the art,...
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The British Museum Honored With A Google Doodle On 255th Anniversary
Google is celebrating the 255th anniversary of the British Museum with a doodle on its homepage in the UK. The museum, established in 1753, opened to ...
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Ordinary Heroes: Comic Creators Go For Their Dream
The Kentucky arts scene has been bursting at the seams recently; in a state known more for bourbon, basketball, and horses than creativity, it’s...
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3D Printers Help Create Art That Would Have Been Impossible Otherwise
Over the last year, 3D printers have proven that they are versatile enough to meet the demands of both industry and design. In fact, fashion designers...
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