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George W. Bush Shows off His Art to World Leaders
Who knew? President George W. Bush is a painter and he’s proud enough of his work to share his art with some of the most powerful people in the ...
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Walmart Has Been Selling Banksy Knockoffs
Walmart and Banksy are two names that sound odd in the same sentence, but sometimes life imitates art. The company has reportedly been selling knockof...
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Maria Callas Gets A Google Doodle (Watch Her Perform Here)
Google is celebrating famed opera singer Maria Callas with its homepage doodle today, which would have been her 90th birthday. She died from a heart a...
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Tour The Louvre On Your Nintendo 3DS
For a while now, 3DS owners who happened to be visited the Louvre could use their handheld as a sort of virtual tour guide. It was one of the more uni...
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Farrah Fawcett Portrait in Middle of Court Debate
Farrah Fawcett, the icon of the 70’s, had her beauty immortalized in artwork that is now the center of heated debates and court proceedings. Faw...
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Lil’ Kim Took a Redditor’s Awesome Zombie Makeup Art and Used It to Promote Her New Song
So, Lil’ Kim has a new album coming out and has been promoting a new song called “Dead Gal Walking.” It’s making a lot of news...
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Banksy Painting Donated To Thrift Store, Hits Auction
Banksy, the infamous and elusive street artist who has been making his mark on New York this month, has secretly donated a painting to a thrift store ...
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Halloween Witch Casts A Variety Of Spells Over Google Doodle
Google has tapped a “Halloween witch” for some fun with today’s homepage doodle. It’s an interactive one, which lets you choos...
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David Hockney Uses iPad to Create Art
Why is art beautiful? Nobody would necessarily answer this question the same; however, many may concede that art is beautiful because there are no bou...
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Strange Photography: Artist Puts Strangers Together
In the world of visual arts, it can be difficult to do something that hasn’t been done before. Even in the field of photography, where the use o...
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Picasso Piece Could Be Yours For $136
Pablo Picasso’s work has become so iconic that only a rare few can afford to own one of his original pieces, but now, thousands of lucky art lov...
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Banksy Piece Tagged, Graffiti Artist Beaten Up
Banksy has taken over New York in the last couple of weeks, leaving his stenciled artwork all over the place and creating little pockets of art apprec...
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Street Artist, Banksy, Strikes Again!
On Tuesday, October 15, 2013, crowds rushed to see the latest work of Banksy, a famous British street artist who is on a month-long residency in New Y...
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Banksy Art Taken Down In Brooklyn
Banksy, the street artist who made a name for himself by painting stencils with a decidedly political commentary-lean on various walls around the worl...
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3D Printers Can Now Replicate Famous Works Of Art
Of all the things 3D printers can do, I would never have thought that recreating famous works of art would be one of them. Now researchers in the Neth...
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Banksy: New Art Found On L.A. Streets
Banksy has updated his website for the first time in a while with a photo of some new L.A. art entitled “Better Out Than In”, which depict...
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Jane Addams Google Doodle Honors Hull House Founder and Nobel Prize Winner
Today, Google is honoring social activist and Hull House co-founder Jane Addams with a doodle on their homepage. Addams, who was one of the most influ...
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‘I Have A Dream’ Speech Gets Google Doodle
It was on this day in 1963 that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, calling for an end to racism. That makes ...
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Erwin Schrödinger And His Cat Honored With Worldwide Google Doodle
Google is paying tribute to Erwin Schrödinger with its homepage doodle today, as it honors the Austrian quantum physicist on what would have been his...
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Artist Successfully Funds Kickstarter to Go Around the Country Painting Sears Stores
For everyone bitching about the recent co-opting of Kickstarter by the privileged elite, you know, well-established Hollywood players using the crowdf...
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