Sara Bareilles Sued Over Concert Ad Art


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Sara Bareilles made a name for herself creating catchy pop tunes, but now the singer/songwriter is being accused of stealing another artist's work. The New York Post is reporting that Bareilles has been sued by an artist for art used in ads for Bareilles' most recent concert tour and album.

Visual artist Maya Hayuk is suing over the backdrop Bareilles used in her ads. Hayuk's work, titled "Chem Trails NYC," was recently featured at The Bowrey Mural, an exhibition space located in Manhattan. Bareilles used the mural as the backdrop for a photo of her taken for the ads in question.

According to the Post, Hayuk is suing Bareilles and record labels Sony Music and Epic Recods for copyright infringement. Hayuk's lawyer told the Post that he believes Bareilles and her labels have "profited significantly" from using the Bowry mural in ads for the singer, pointing out that the mural was also used in ads for Bareilles' latest album, The Blessed Unrest.

Hayuk is seeking $150,000 in damages from Bareilles and her labels. Hayuk's lawyer told the Post that, "This is how [Hayuk] pays for rent and feeds herself, so when there's a misappropriation of her work, it's a big deal for her."

As seen on her official website, Bareilles' ads have now been changed. The Hayuk mural has been removed and replaced with a more generic background.

Bareilles gained fame in 2007 when her song "Love Song" was featured as a free single on iTunes. The single propelled her album Little Voice to number seven on U.S. sales charts. Bareilles has also appeared in TV shows such as 30 Rock and Community.

Hayuk is a visual artist best known for colorful patterned murals like the one seen at the Bowry.

In a separate lawsuit Hayuk has also sued purse-maker Coach for using her Bowry mural in their ads without her consent. Hayuk is also seeking $150,000 in damages in that lawsuit.