Millie Brown Has More Art In Her Vomit Than Us


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Who is Millie Brown? Millie Brown puts every person claiming to have a sensitive stomach to pure, colorful shame-- she might rival the guy from Man vs. Food for being the spokesperson for Stomach Problems. She was first seen vomiting colored milk in a Lady Gaga video, and you'll probably see her barfing or with stuff dripping out of her mouth if you do an image search for her name. Her consistency should maybe be applauded-- her buzz has recently been increased after blowing chunks on Lady Gaga during the ARTPOP singer's SXSW set.

(Warning: I will attempt to use every single last term for "vomit" that I know in this article.)

But wait. This is not a reaction to the specialized brand of the Lady Gaga Performance Sensations. Although The Gaga chose to channel a Rotisserie Chicken by opening her performance tied naked to a BBQ roast-stick while telling the audience to "put their f-bomb phones down," Millie Brown upchucking on Lady Gaga is a thing. It's art, honey.

Millie Brown is a 27-year-old artist who has been Calling Earl on canvas since 2005. She starves herself for two days before producing a piece, then drinks colored milk which either makes it way to the canvas by itself, or via a little prodding from Brown's fingers down her throat. At the end of the session, how the paints in the milk fall on the canvas makes her creation. Kind of like what this artist does with nail polish--but not-- because while that artist does let the nail polish randomly fall, she does not eat it first. But Millie Brown says that drinking colored milk (on an empty stomach, no less) doesn't affect her body, so we have to believe her.

So there you have it. Millie Brown, maybe soon to be known as the next Ralphael (see what I did there?). Either way she is a very interesting artist that you might be into who has already hurled on Lady Gaga. Maybe you'll be the next lucky one. What do you think? Avant-garde or Pointless Promotion of Bulimia? While you decide, feel free to check out her official Facebook artist page here.

Image via Facebook