Apple Lowers App Store Fees to 15% For Small Devs

Amid ongoing pressure regarding its App Store policies, Apple has unveiled its App Store Small Business Program, with 15% commissions for small devs.

Google Play Store the Primary Source of Android Malware

A new study has determined the Google Play Store is the prime way Android malware is distributed.

iOS 14.2 Features JIT Compilation, Aiding Emulation Apps

iOS 14.2 features Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation, which should significantly speed up emulation app performance.

Apple to Start Requiring Privacy Labels on App December 8

Apple is moving forward with its requirement that app developers include a privacy label with new app submissions, beginning December 8.

Fortnite Coming Back to iPhones and iPads…Sort Of

Apple and Epic may be fighting it out in court, but it appears a path has been cleared for Fortnite to return to iOS devices.

Google Will Start Enforcing Google Play Store Fees

Google is looking to stop companies from circumventing its normal 30% Google Play Store fees.

Apple App Store Creates 300,000 Jobs During Pandemic

Apple has released figures about the iOS App Store and revealed it has created 300,000 new jobs since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Ex-Google CEO: AI Will Create a Bunch Of New Platform Winners

The reason it’ll be different in 20 years is because artificial intelligence will create a whole bunch of new platform winners says former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Apple and Epic Both Gain Early Victories in Court Case

A judge has rendered a split decision in the Apple/Epic court case, handing both sides an early victory.

Apple Needs Fortnite More Than Fortnite Needs Apple

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, feels that Fortnite is large enough and scaled enough and that Apple needs Fortnite more than Fortnite needs Apple… and Google too for that matter.