Amazon Sends Out Invites to Its Annual Launch Event on September 28

Amazon’s annual product launch event is scheduled for September 28, with the company sending invitations to journalists.

Amazon Continues Its Reign as Top MBA Grad Recruiter for Seventh Year

The latest data shows Amazon is the top recruiter of MBA grads for the seventh year in a row, beating out the rest of Big Tech and traditional industries.

FTC Taking a Closer Look at Amazon’s iRobot Acquisition

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is taking a closer look at Amazon’s iRobot acquisition.

California Sues Amazon Over Blocking Competitive Pricing

Amazon is legal hot water again, with the state of California suing the e-commerce giant for blocking competitive pricing.

Big Tech’s $95 Million Lobbying May Be Close to Scuttling Antitrust Bill

Congress is trying to pass an antitrust bill that would significantly alter the tech landscape, but Big Tech has spent $95 million to scuttle it.

Mark Cuban Wants to Take on Amazon in Online Pharmaceuticals

Mark Cuban believes his company can take on Amazon in the burgeoning online pharmaceutical market.

Amazon May Enter Japan’s Prescription Drug Market

Amazon is reportedly looking at its next medical venture, considering a move into Japan’s prescription drug market in 2023.

Amazon Loses Bid to Overturn NYC Employee Union Vote

Amazon’s anti-union efforts have been dealt a major blow, with the company losing a bid to overturn a vote by its employees to unionize.

Amazon’s ‘Frupidity’ Is Becoming a Problem

“Frupidity,” the combination of “frugality” and “stupidity,” is becoming a problem for Amazon as the company manages various challenges.

Google Tops Big Tech Data Tracking With 39 Types of Private Data

Google is the most invasive of Big Tech companies, tracking 39 different private user data points, more than any of its peers.

Amazon Has a Prime Pharmacy Problem

Amazon may be trying to lure people to its Amazon Prime with prescription cost savings, but customers aren’t buying it.

Amazon May Be Looking to Buy Signify Health

Amazon may be looking to buy Signify Health as the e-commerce and cloud giant looks to expand its healthcare offerings.

Amazon Raising Fees for Third-Party Sellers During the Holidays

Amazon is raising third-party seller fees during the holidays, the first time the e-commerce giant has ever done so.

Amazon Will Acquire iRobot for $1.7 Billion

Amazon has announced it will acquire iRobot, the maker of robot vacuum cleaners, for $1.7 billion.

Amazon Partners With Retail Chains to Offer Same-Day Delivery

Amazon has announced partnerships with local retail chains to help them provide same-day delivery to their customers.

Amazon Uses Attrition to Reduce Headcount by 100,000

Amazon has revealed that it has reduced its headcount by 100,000, mainly through attrition.

Amazon Drive Is Shutting Down

Amazon is informing customers that it plans to shut down its cloud storage service, Amazon Drive.

Amazon’s Ring and Google Nest Give Footage to Police Without Warrants

Amazon’s Ring and Google Nest devices are popular home security options, but users may want to look elsewhere if privacy is a concern.

Microsoft Organizing Cloud Vendors to Take On Amazon’s Government Dominance

Microsoft is working to put a dent in Amazon’s dominance in the government agency cloud computing space, organizing its rivals to help.

Amazon Sues More Than 10,000 Facebook Group Admins Over Paid Reviews

Amazon is taking its battle against paid reviews to a new level, suing Facebook group admins for paying people for fake reviews.