Major Google Investor Wants Company to Lay Off 30,000

A major Google investor doesn’t believe the company’s 12,000 job cuts are enough and is calling for 30,000 instead.

Alphabet CEO Announces ‘Difficult Decision’ to Lay Off 12,000

Google parent Alphabet has now firmly joined the ranks of companies laying off employees, with plans to cut 12,000 jobs.

Alphabet’s Intrinsic and Verily Lay Off Staff

Alphabet has finally joined the long list of companies laying off employees, with its Intrinsic and Verily divisions impacted.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai Will Not Be Questioned in Privacy Suit

Google scored a major victory in the privacy lawsuit it is facing in California, with a judge ruling that Sundar Pichai cannot be questioned.

Steve Jobs Was Right, and Tech Firms Are Screwing Up With Mass Layoffs

Tech firms are setting themselves up for problems by not following the Steve Jobs playbook for responding to an economic downturn.

Alphabet Is Blockchain’s Biggest Corporate Investor

Alphabet is the biggest corporate investor in blockchain and crypto technology among the top 100 public companies over the last ten months.

Sundar Pichai: Google to Invest $1.2 Billion in Latin America Over the Next Five Years

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has written a blog post outlining the company’s plans for Latin America, including a $1.2 billion investment over the next five years.

New York Times Tech Workers Certify Their Union

The Times Tech Guild is now the biggest US-based tech union with bargaining rights, following a National Labor Relations Board election certifying their union.

Programmers Beware: A New AI Can Program As Good As a Human

As if the programming landscape wasn’t competitive enough, a new AI, AlphaCode, could start giving some programmers a run for their money.

Google Has No Plans to Adjust Employee Pay for Inflation

Despite the highest inflation rate increase since 1982, Google has said it has no plans to adjust employee pay to compensate.

The Oculus Brand Is No More

Facebook is killing off the Oculus brand on the heels of its “Meta” rebrand.

Facebook Rebrands as ‘Meta’

Facebook has followed through on rumored plans to rename itself, going with the name “Meta.”

Facebook May Change Its Name

Facebook is considering the possibility of changing its name, both to better reflect its future ambitions and distance itself from existing scrutiny.

Google Looks to Reinvent Industrial Robots With Intrinsic

Google has launched Intrinsic from X, its moonshot factory, in an effort to reinvent industrial robots.

TSMC Turns in Record Quarter, Warns of Ongoing Shortages

TSMC reported its quarterly earnings, including record sales and an 11% increase in revenue.

Microsoft Joins Exclusive $2 Trillion Club

Microsoft has become just the third company in the world to cross $2 trillion valuation.

Telecom Companies Win Injunction Against NY Affordable Broadband Act

Telecom companies have won a last-minute injunction against New York’s Affordable Broadband Act, putting the law’s future in jeopardy.

TSMC and MIT Leapfrog IBM, Make 1nm Breakthrough

TSMC and MIT have made a major advancement in semiconductor design, with a 1nm breakthrough.

Remote Work Saving Google and Alphabet $1 Billion a Year

Google executives may be eager to return to the office, but remote work is already saving the company $1 billion a year.

Alphabet Scores Big on Google Ad Revenue

Alphabet released its latest results, reporting a strong quarter on rebounding ad revenue for Google.