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Google Releases ‘No-Nonsense Guide to In-App Ads’
Google announced the release of a new ebook called The No-nonsense Guide to In-App Ads, which is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of in-a...
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Google Announces Full Swift Support For Mobile Ads
Google announced that its mobile adds now fully support Swift, the iOS programming language Apple launched in 2014 and open sourced last last year. Go...
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Google Gives Dos And Don’ts For AdMob Banners
Google announced some new guidance for AdMob banner ad implementation, updating the help center with some best practices and examples of what to do an...
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Google Talks ‘The Most Important Growth Metric’ For Your App
Google released a new video in which Max Sack from Google Admob talks about the most important growth metric for your app. The most important one to f...
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Google’s New Mobile Ad Formats, Flash-to-HTML5 Tools
Recognizing that display ads don’t always translate well from the desktop to mobile devices, Google announced on Monday that it will be launchin...
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Google Launches New Tools For Mobile App Businesses
Google announced on Tuesday that it is adding Google Analytics to mobile ad platform AdMob and launching new content experiments for Google Tag Manage...
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Google’s AdMob Launches Network Optimization, Impression Goals For House Ads
Google is telling app developers that that it can help them earn more revenue with two new AdMob features: ad network optimization and impression goal...
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Google Web Designer Launched In Public Beta
Google announced on Monday that it has launched Google Web Designer, a new HTML5 design tool, in public beta. The tool is geared toward ad creation, b...
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Google Announces A New AdMob Revamp
At Google I/O, Google announced today that it has rebuilt its AdMob mobile ad network technology. It incorporates tech from other Google platforms lik...
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What Will Mobile Bring to Consumers and Marketers in 2013?
The mobile landscape is set to change in a big way in 2013, and though some of the coming changes can be predicted, others will provide big (and perha...
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Google Launches New Survey Ads, TrueView For AdMob, Online Games
Google announced two new ad offerings today: surveys and TrueView in AdMob and games. The announcements came as part of a speech from Google SVP, Adve...
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Google Gives You A 30-Minute Presentation On Getting Started With AdMob On Android
Google has put out a presentation about getting started on Android with AdMob on its Developers YouTube channel. If you want to monetize your business...
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Google Integrates AdMob With AdWords, Previews New Interface
Google announced today that it is integrating AdMob into AdWords, enabling its over a million AdWords advertisers to run campaigns across over 300,000...
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Google Updates Ads for Mobile
Google’s Mobile Ads Blog just...
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Google Provides Tips On Mobile App Ad Placement
Ads are a necessary evil when it comes to keeping free apps free. Most developers are pretty cool about it and keep the ad in a low, out of the way pl...
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Google Explains AdMob Publisher And Mediation IDs
If you recall, Google released the Google AdMob 6.0 SDK last week. It brought with it a number of new features and upgrades to the existing SDK. Overa...
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Google Offers AdMob Optimization Tips
Google recently released version 6.0 of its AdMob SDK last week. Some of the new features may have thrown you for a loop or you’re just new to A...
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Google Releases New AdMob SDK
We brought a story this morning of a team who is now making $1,000 a day from using Microsoft’s pubCenter. While the story was more indicative o...
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Google Brings AdMob and DoubleClick Ad Exchange Together
Google announced that in the coming weeks, AdMob developers will be able to make their in-app inventory available on Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchang...
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Google’s South Korean Offices Searched for “Illegally Collected Location Data”
Google was probably not jealous that Apple has been getting more of the attention regarding location tracking these days. But today, Google is receivi...
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