Google Releases 'No-Nonsense Guide to In-App Ads'

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Google announced the release of a new ebook called The No-nonsense Guide to In-App Ads, which is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of in-app advertising. It covers eCPM, Fill Rate, Demand, Inventory, how businesses make money from advertising, how PPC works, a basic explanation of ad networks and how they can help you monetize your app, and how to choose the right ad network.

This is the latest in Google's "No-nonsense" series, which also includes ebooks on growing your app and app monetization. This one is obviously an extension of that.

"A clear trend is emerging in the world of smartphones – people want free apps. According to a study by Juniper Research, barely 1% of apps are now paid for at the point of download," says Joe Salisbury, product specialist for Google's AdMob. "While demand for free apps continues to increase, app developers are answering a very important question, 'what’s the best way to publish my app for free while sustainably funding my business?'"

"Many of the world’s most popular apps rely heavily on in-app advertising to earn income," he adds. "Apps like PicsArts and Trivia Crack each have hundreds of millions of downloads and use advertising as a revenue source. In-app ads are evolving and there are many options for developers to utilize which provide great experiences for users."

The new ebook is for those just getting started with ads. You can get the guide here.

Earlier this week, Google released a guide to outsourcing your app's development.