Google Talks 'The Most Important Growth Metric' For Your App

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Google released a new video in which Max Sack from Google Admob talks about the most important growth metric for your app.

The most important one to focus on first isn't a traditional one, he says. It's one that accurately measures user engagement for YOUR app.

"For example, a casual gaming app might care about the percentage of users who return to their app each day while a lyrics app...may care about the number of contributions to the database that a user makes every month. It really all depends. You need to think through your app and what makes most sense for you."

"Even though there isn't a single number for every app, picking your number is really, really important. Big and small developers alike need focus. You need a single metric that you can rally your entire team behind. Everyone working on your business should be able to evaluate their daily tasks and projects, asking, 'How does this drive our key metric?'"

He gives two questions to help you figure out what your user engagement metric should be. These are:

- What metric proves my product works and solves the problem that it sets out to solve for user?

- How often shoudl you check for progress?

He elaborates on these in the video.

Google actually has a free ebook called The No-Nonsense Guide to Growing Your Mobile app that delves into this kind of stuff and a lot more. You can find that here.

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