eCommerce user experience
5 Best Tips To Improve eCommerce User Experience

It’s important to know how to step up to the place when it comes to improving ecommerce user experience. Learn more below.

How the Ecommerce Theme You Choose Helps to Deliver the Best Brand Experience

Ecommerce is a lucrative market for many businesses. By now, nearly every retail brand has either started or is working on launching an ecommerce store.

Venmo Logo
Customers Will Be Able to Use Venmo for Amazon Purchases

Amazon is prepping support for Venmo as a payment option, with plans to make it available in time for the holiday season.

Tokyo Japan - Image by Pierre Blaché
Japanese Government Wants to Remotely Turn Down Home AC Units

The Japanese government is looking for unprecedented power over people’s home, wanting the ability to remotely turn down AC units.

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg
Higher Prices Driving Verizon Customers Away

Verizon has the dubious distinction of being the only one of the top three wireless carriers to be losing customers.

Vonage to Pay $100 Million in FTC Settlement

Vonage has agreed to a $100 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission for making it difficult for customers to cancel service.

Stripe Logo
Stripe Lets 14% of Its Staff Go

Stripe is the latest company to conduct mass layoffs, letting 14%, or more than 1,000 employees go.

Tokyo Japan - Image by Pierre Blaché
US Pressures Allies to Restrict Chip Exports to China

The US is ramping up pressure on China, asking its allies to restrict semiconductor exports to the country.

Foxconn’s ‘iPhone City’ Area Locked Down Over COVID

The area around Foxconn’s “iPhone City” plant has been locked down as a result of an increase in COVID cases.

Amazon Building
Amazon’s Fourth-Quarter Guidance Disappoints

Amazon’s third-quarter results met expectations, but its fourth-quarter guidance disappointed Wall Street.

Cybersecurity - Image by Pete Linforth
Thomson Reuters Data Leak Could Lead to Supply-Chain Attack

Thomson Reuters is the latest company to be hit with a data leak, one that exposed more than 3TB of data, including passwords.

BMW SUV - Image by Andreas Riedelmeier
New Jersey Bill Would Ban Automotive Feature Subscriptions

New Jersey lawmakers are taking aim at automakers that charge customers a subscription to unlock features.

Semiconductor Delivery Times Shrink by Four Days

The tech industry received some of the best news it’s had in years, with delivery times for semiconductors shrinking by four days in September.

FedEx Roxo
FedEx Ends Its Robot Delivery Program

FedEx is pulling the plug on its robot delivery program following a pilot program to test using robots instead of humans for last-mile delivery.

BMW Sports Car - Image by Tyler Clemmensen
BMW Will Invest in $1.7 Billion US-Based EV Production

BMW announced a major commitment to US-based electric vehicle (EV) production, with plans for a $1.7 billion investment.

TikTok App
TikTok Is Planning to Build US Fulfillment Centers

TikTok appears to be moving forward with its e-commerce plans, with it reportedly looking to build US fulfillment centers.

Beijing - Image by Jeremy Zhu
Analyst: US Sanctions Have ‘Collapsed’ China’s Semiconductor Industry

The Biden Administration has been cracking down on China’s semiconductor industry, utterly crippling it, according to one analyst.

Amazon Shopping - Image by Hannes Edinger
Amazon Facing $1 Billion UK Lawsuit for Unfairly Promoting Its Own Products

Amazon is facing a massive lawsuit in the UK over claims it unfairly favors and promotes its own products.

Honda Dealership - Image by StockSnap
Honda and LG Energy to Build $4.4 Billion EV Battery Plant in Ohio

Honda and LG Energy are partnering on an electric vehicle (EV) battery plant, with plans to build it in Ohio.

Netflix Games - Credit Netflix
Netflix Is Back! Company Reports Subscriber Growth Once Again

Netflix is one again reporting subscriber growth, putting investors at ease after the company reported a slump last quarter.