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International Journal of Oncology: Mobile Phones Cause Brain Tumors
The International Journal of Oncology has released a report on cell phone risks, concluding that mobile devices cause cancer and brain tumors....
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Google Is About to Make Casting Media To a Tablet Much Easier
Google may be on the verge of making screencasting to a tablet much easier, making it possible to do so by holding the phone in front of the tablet....
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Saudi Arabia Joins EU & India In Mandating USB-C Smartphone Chargers
Saudi Arabia has joined the EU and India in mandating USB-C chargers for smartphones in an effort to prevent e-waste and improve the customer experi...
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US Supreme Court Grants Apple’s Request to Delay App Store Changes Until Final Ruling
Apple has scored yet another victory in its legal battle with Epic Games, with the US Supreme Court ruling that Apple does not have to make changes to...
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Say Goodbye to Unlocked Asus Zenfones
Customers that want to unlock their Asus Zenfones are in for a disappointment, with the company saying it is no longer possible....
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Apple Promises Screen Time Fix
Apple says it will fix a bug in Screen Time parental controls, one that is preventing changes from being saved....
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Google May Release a Foldable Tablet
Google may be preparing to release another foldable device, specifically a tablet that unfolds into an even bigger tablet....
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Android Gets ‘Unknown Tracker Alerts’ to Detect AirTag Tracking
Android has received an important new feature, giving users the ability to protect themselves from AirTag tracking with "unknown tracker alerts."...
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Apple May Bring macOS Game Mode to iOS
Apple's iOS may be getting a major upgrade in the gaming department, with reports the company is trying to bring Game Mode to the mobile platform....
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Google’s Foldables and Tablets Get a New Play Store
Google is going all in on its new foldables and tablets, redesigning the Play Store to help showcase apps designed to work with larger devices....
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Apple Faces Class-Action App Store Suit in the UK Seeking $1 Billion in Damages
Apple is facing yet another challenge to its App Store, with a new class-action lawsuit in the UK that seeks $1 billion in damages over antitrust accu...
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Head of Instagram: ‘Android’s Now Better Than iOS’
Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, has thrown fuel on the iOS vs Android debate, proclaiming that Android is now better....
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Apple’s M3-Powered Macs May Launch in October
A new reports pegs October as the month we may see Macs powered by Apple's upcoming M3 custom silicon....
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Don’t Expect a Major Performance Gain From the Google Pixel 8
Users disappointed in the performance of Google's Pixel 7 series, or the new Pixel Fold, may also be disappointed with the upcoming Pixel 8....
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Apple Wins Stay In App Store Ruling Until It Appeals to the Supreme Court
Apple has scored a major victory in its battle against Epic Games, winning a stay against the ruling that would require developers be allowed to direc...
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Apple May Skip Folding Phones and Go Straight to Rollables
A new patent filing suggests Apple may be preparing to get in on the next big evolution of smartphone design: rollables....
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It’s Official: EU Adopts Rules to Force Replaceable Phone Batteries
The EU has officially adopted new rules requiring manufacturers to use replaceable batteries in smartphones....
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iPhone 15 Slates For Mass Production In August, 84 Million Units Targeted
A new report predicts that Apple will begin mass production of the iPhone 15 in August, with the company targeting 84 million units in 2023....
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Fairphone 4 Finally Comes to the US
The Fairphone 4 is finally available in the US market, giving consumers a repairable phone that is sustainably manufactured....
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Meta Is Preparing to Compete With Apple and Google’s App Stores
Meta is preparing to compete with Apple and Google's app stores in the EU, thanks to the legislation that forces the companies to allow side-loading....
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