iOS 15.4 Face ID with a Mask Setting - Credit Apple
iOS Now Supports Face ID With Masks

The latest version of iOS, version 15.4, finally brings support for Face ID with masks.

Samsung S22+
Samsung CEO Bows in Apology Over App Throttling

Samsung Experience Division CEO JH Han literally bowed in apology to shareholders over the company throttling apps on its phones.

iPhone SE
iPhone Production Halted by Soaring COVID Cases in China

iPhone production has been halted at Foxconn factories in China as a result of soaring COVID cases.

Google Message Reactions
Google Updates Messages to Take On iMessages

Google has taken the wraps off of new Messages features, taking aim at Apple’s iMessages and calling out Apple for not supporting broader standards.

Lumia Smartphone - Image by Jan Vašek
Google Deploys Air Raid Alerts on Android to Help Ukrainians

Google is deploying an Air Raid Alerts system for Android users in Ukraine, in an effort to help them stay safe.

Francesca Sweet Introducing the iPhone 13 SE
Apple Peak Performance: iPhone 13 SE

At Apple’s Peak Performance event, CEO Tim Cook took the wraps off the iPhone 13 SE, following months of rumors and anticipation.

Samsung Note 10 - Image by THAM YUAN YUAN
Lapsus$ Strikes Again: Hackers Steal Samsung Galaxy Code

Hacker group Lapsus$ is in the news again, this time for stealing 190GB of Samsung data and Galaxy code.

Open Web Advocacy Is Taking On #AppleBrowserBan

A new organization is trying to challenge Apple, calling for the company to allow third-party browser engines on iOS.

Samsung S22+
Samsung to Roll Out Update to Fix Throttling

Samsung plans to roll out an update that will fix throttling on its phones, following reports of more than 10,000 apps being throttled.

Samsung S22 Ultra
Samsung Throttlegate: World’s Largest Smartphone Maker Throttling Apps

Samsung doesn’t appear to have learned from Apple, as the company has been caught throttling thousands of apps’ performance.

United States Capitol - Image by MotionStudios
Lawmakers Want Answers About the FBI’s Use of Pegasus Spyware

Lawmakers want information about Pegasus, the spyware developed by NSO Group, demanding answers from Apple and the FBI about the latter’s use of it.

Apple Peek Performance
Apple ‘Peek Performance’ Event Scheduled For March 8

Apple has revealed its upcoming event, called “Peek Performance,” scheduled for March 8.

Exynos 2200 - Exynos 2200 - Credit Samsung
Samsung’s Exynos Chip Lags Hopelessly Behind Apple’s A-Series

Samsung’s Exynos chip was lauded as one of the best chances for the Android world to challenge Apple’s performance on smartphones…but that hasn’t happened.

iPhone SE
Apple’s Next iPhone May Be $199 and Have 5G

Apple is reportedly preparing to release an updated iPhone SE with 5G, and it may cost as little as $199.

Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Broke Encryption On 100 Million Phones

The world’s largest smartphone maker shipped roughly 100 million phones with broken encryption, putting its customers at risk.

Google Pixel 3 - Image by Dele Oke
Google Abandoned the Pixel 3 For No Good Reason

Some users are not happy with Google’s decision to stop supporting the Pixel 3, and there appears to be no technical reason for the decision.

Android Privacy Sanboxing - Credit Google
Google Bringing Privacy Sandboxing to Android

Google is taking a page from Apple, laying the groundwork for privacy sandboxing in its Android operating system (OS).

Apple AirTag - Credit Apple
Apple Taking Steps to Address AirTags Misuse

Apple is working to address issues with AirTags, specifically bad actors using them in ways the company never intended.

Blackberry Phones
The 5G Blackberry Dream Is Over As OnwardMobility Loses Blackberry Rights

Just a month after OnwardMobility reassured prospective customers it was still working on a revived Blackberry, new reports indicate the project is vaporware.