Cisco & Microsoft Teams - Credit Cisco
Cisco and Microsoft Partner to Bring Teams to Cisco Hardware

Cisco and Microsoft have entered an unlikely partnership, paving the way for Microsoft Teams to run as the default on Cisco hardware.

Top 5 Investment Apps in 2022

It’s a wide open world out there when it comes to investing. See some of the top investment apps in the article below.

Dark Sky - Image Credit Apple
Dark Sky Weather App Reaches End-of-Life December 31

The popular Dark Sky weather app will stop working December 31, 2022, after Apple bought it and incorporated it into its own weather app.

iOS and Android Texting - Image by Dean Moriarty
Google Adding Direct Reply Feature to RCS Messages

Google is prepping a major upgrade to its RCS messages, adding the ability to directly reply to individual texts.

Zoom May Be Planning Email and Calendar Tools to Take On Office and Google

Zoom may be ready to move beyond video calling and collaboration, with possible plans to introduce email and calendar tools.

Zoom iPad Pro Center Stage - Credit Zoom
Zoom Is Taking on Slack and Teams With Zoom Team Chat

Zoom is looking to take on the top dogs in the corporate messaging space with…

Girl Typing on Phone - Image by Argo Images
TikTok Under Fire for Potential Keylogging, Some Say Concern Is Overblown

A security researcher has called out TikTok for inserting code in its in-app browser that could be used to log keystrokes, but not everyone is convinced.

WhatsApp Multi-Device - Credit Facebook
WhatsApp Releases Standalone Windows App

Windows users now have access to a new WhatsApp app that doesn’t require linking to their phone first.

PSA: macOS Users Should Update Zoom Immediately

Zoom has released an update to its macOS client that fixes a severe vulnerability, one that could give a user root access.

Croods - Credit DreamWorks Animation
DreamWorks Animation Plans to Open Source MoonRay Renderer

Dreamworks Animation has announced its intentions to open source its MoonRay renderer.

OBS Studio
Latest OBS Studio Beta Brings Apple Silicon Support

The latest beta of OBS Studio has been released, and it brings native Apple Silicon support.

Microsoft Teams Apple Silicon - Credit Microsoft
Microsoft Teams Finally Gains Native Apple Silicon Support

Squarely in the ‘better late than never’ camp, Microsoft is finally bringing native Apple Silicon support to Teams.

DuckDuckGo Web Browser - Credit DuckDuckGo
DuckDuckGo Adds More Microsoft Tracking Protection, Now Better Than Ever

DuckDuckGo has added additional protection against Microsoft tracking, addressing concerns that were raised in May.

Uber Receipt Emails Are Crashing Microsoft Outlook and Word

Microsoft has identified an issue with receipt emails from Uber, as well as some others, that are causing Outlook and Word to hang and/or crash.

Latte Dock
Latte Dock Developer Steps Away From Popular KDE Project

Fans of the popular KDE panel Latte Dock are in for a disappointment, with the developer announcing he will no longer be maintaining the project.

Google Stadia
Google Stadia’s Days May Be Numbered

A new report suggests Google Stadia may be shut down, potentially ending an ignominious attempt by Google to enter the gaming market.

PSA: Update Google Chrome Immediately

Google has released a major update to Google Chrome, fixing a number of critical bugs, including ones that could lead to remote takeover.

Open Doors by Truecaller
Truecaller Debuts Open Doors, a Private Communication App

TrueCaller is expanding its services with a new app that offers private audio communications.

YouTube iPhone - Image by StockSnap
YouTube Finally Expands Picture-in-Picture on iOS

YouTube has finally expanded a widely requested feature on iPhones and iPads: Picture-in-Picture (PiP).

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts Is Shutting Down November 2022

Google is shaking up its messaging efforts yet again, urging users to migrate from Hangouts to Google chat before November 2022.