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Microsoft Edge Teases a New ‘Declutter Your Sidebar’ Feature
Microsoft is testing a feature designed to "declutter your sidebar," giving users a way of keeping their experience a little more organized....
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DMA News: EU Taking Another Look At Apple’s iMessage
The EU is taking another look at Apple's iMessage, as well as Microsoft's Bing, to see if those services should be regulated by the Digital Markets Ac...
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Microsoft Releases All-New Teams App Focused On Performance
Microsoft has released an all-new version of Teams, a complete rewrite from the ground up that promises significant performance gains....
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Vivaldi Comes to iOS
Popular independent web browser Vivaldi is coming to iOS, giving users another option for their mobile browsing....
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Microsoft Lists Preview Available for iOS and Android
Microsoft has made its Microsoft Lists available in preview to both iOS and Android users, as well as via the web....
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OpenCore Tool Brings macOS Sonoma to 83 Unsupported Macs
Apple is well-known for ending support for older Macs in its latest macOS updates, but OpenCore is giving at least 83 models a new lease on life....
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Another One Bites the Dust: Google Kills Jamboard
Google is killing off yet another product, with the company announcing it is sunsetting digital whiteboarding app Jamboard....
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No, You Cannot Remove Windows Backup
Microsoft has shot down any hopes users had of removing Windows Backup, saying the tool is a permanent part of Windows....
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WhatsApp Brings Search Feature to the Update Tab
WhatsApp is continue to improve its Update tab, making it easier for users to find what they're looking for....
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PSA: Update Chrome Immediately to Close Active Zero-Day Hole
All Google Chrome users should update immediately to address a zero-day vulnerability that is being actively exploited....
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Microsoft Brings DALL-E AI-Powered Features to Paint
Microsoft continues to incorporate AI into its product line, bringing the power of the DALL-E image generator to Paint....
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Signal Announces Quantum Computing Resistant Encryption Protocol
Signal is preparing for a quantum computing world, unveiling a new protocol designed to be resistant to quantum computers....
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WhatsApp Releases An iPad Beta
WhatsApp has released an iPad beta, finally giving users one of the most requested features in the app's history....
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Microsoft Paint Is Getting a Major Upgrade
Microsoft Paint is getting a major upgrade, one that will help it better compete with more feature-rich image editors, at least for its target audienc...
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Microsoft Teams Is About to Get An AI Boost
Microsoft is preparing to add more AI functionality into Teams, making it possible for developers to create AI-based Teams apps....
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Meta Denies Report Saying Ads Are Coming to WhatsApp
Meta has set the record straight, saying it is not bringing ads to WhatsApp, despite a report this week claiming otherwise....
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EU Is Reportedly Readying a Formal Complaint Over Microsoft and Teams
Despite Microsoft's best efforts, it appears the company has not succeeded in heading off an EU investigation into its bundling of Teams....
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X Competitor Bluesky Passes 1 Million Users
X (Twitter) competitor Bluesky has just passed 1 million users, as the Jack Dorsey-backed social media platform continues to gain traction....
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Mozilla Patches Firefox and Thunderbird Zero-Day Flaw
Mozilla has issued updates to its Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client that fix a zero-day flaw being actively exploited....
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WhatsApp Is Working On Chat Interoperability
WhatsApp is already at work on chat interoperability as it prepares to comply with the EU's Digital Markets Act....
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