Google Maps - Image by Deepanker Verma
Google Maps Is Experiencing an Outage

Google is currently working to address an outage with Google Maps that is impacting some users.

YouTube Vanced
Popular App YouTube Vanced Shuts Down

Popular app YouTube Vanced has shut down, possible the result of legal intervention by Google.

Slack Icon
Slack Experiencing ‘Intermittent Issues’

Slack has been experiencing “intermittent issues,” with users experiencing issues with calls, messages, and sending files.

File Sharing - Image by Mohamed Hassan
Rise From the Ashes: LimeWire May Return From the Grave

Limewire may be returning from the grave, as a completely different type of app than it once was.

PSA: Update Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, and Focus Immediately

Mozilla has issued updates for Firefox, Firefox for Android, Thunderbird, and Firefox Focus to fix two vulnerabilities being actively exploited in the wild.

Dropbox Logo
Dropbox (Finally) Brings Native M1 Mac Support

Dropbox has finally added native support for Apple’s M1 processor, months after botching its response and angering users.

Google Maps - Image by Deepanker Verma
Some Google Maps Features Disabled in Ukraine Over Security Concerns

Google has taken the unusual step of disabling some features in Google Maps for Ukraine, likely out of concern Russian forces could use it in their invasion.

PSA: Update Chrome Now to Avoid Actively Exploited Vulnerability

Another week, another Chrome update to address a bug that is being actively exploited.

Zoom Security
Hot Mic: Zoom Fixes Mac Bug That Left Mic On

Zoom has released an update that fixes a potentially embarrassing bug, one that leaves the computer’s mic on.

Signal Change Number - Credit Signal
Signal Adds Ability to Change Numbers Without Losing Chats

Signal has added a major new feature, allowing people to change their phone number without losing their chats.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Will Block Downloaded Office Macros by Default

Macros have long been a major factor in Office security issues, and it appears Microsoft is taking a major step toward addressing the problem.

Microsoft Teams E2EE - Credit Microsoft
Want to Save RAM? Hide the Windows 11 Teams Icon

Teams may be one of the most popular messaging platforms, but it’s not so popular with users wanting streamlined performance, using extra RAM if the icon is visible.

Atlas VPN
Atlas VPN Adopts WireGuard Protocol

VPN provider Atlas VPN is the latest to adopt the WireGuard protocol, giving its customers access to the latest security option.

Discord Logo
Discord Experiences Major Outage

Popular communications platform Discord experienced a major outage Wednesday, only partially recovering by the afternoon.

Telegram - Credit Telegram
Germany May Block Telegram Over Hate Speech

Germany is looking to address hate speech on the Telegram messaging platform, even leaving open the possibility of banning the service.

Signal iPad App
WhatsApp Founder Is Signal’s New Interim CEO

Moxie Marlinspike, the creator of Signal, is stepping down as CEO, with WhatsApp founder Brian Acton stepping in on an interim basis.

Spotify Logo
Spotify Misses Deadline For HiFi Audio, Gives No Further Updates

Spotify has failed to deliver on its promise to roll out HiFi audio in 2021, and is offering no update on when users can expect it.

LastPass: Master Passwords Not Compromised

Popular password manager LastPass says master passwords are safe, despite many users believing otherwise.

DuckDuckGo Web Browser - Credit DuckDuckGo
DuckDuckGo Reveals Details About Upcoming Desktop Web Browser

DuckDuckGo has revealed details about its upcoming desktop web browser, a new entry that promises to offer significant privacy protections.