Start a Business in Dubai. Examples of Successes

Want to start your very own business in the gorgeous city of Dubai? Learn from some real examples and how to succeed alongside them. ...
Start a Business in Dubai. Examples of Successes
Written by Brian Wallace
  • Many potential investors are now looking overseas to start their very own business. In a way, some countries offer opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. Dubai is an expansive city full of incredible ventures. You can set up a new business with ease thanks to its myriad of resources to choose from. You can find a rent a car Dubai service with luxury cars or a tech repair shop for the latest phones. You can provide whatever kind of service or product you want so long as you have the determination. We can talk about some successful examples as well as how to get started.

    How to get started

    When first starting, try to plan as much as you can before arriving in Dubai. There are loads of aspects you can research before finalizing the idea. Here is a checklist of what to do: 

    • Research a potential product/service
    • Look into the target market for such a service. 
    • Write up your business plan and decide on a name. 
    • Finance your business through either a loan or self-funding. 
    • Network and make contacts to support your business. 
    • Find a suitable location to set up. 

    Many of these can be researched beforehand. Once you arrive in Dubai, you can then implement them more practically. This includes finding an appropriate bank to take a loan from or finding an empty lot to set up a shop. Dubai is full of other businesses willing to make connections. Depending on what type of business you are doing, you can begin networking with them to help you out. 

    The more you have sorted before landing, the less work there will be to do while you are there. You may even have a business that has combined accommodation, giving you somewhere to live as well as starting up. 

    Example 1: Construction Sector

    Dubai is a city that never stops changing. It is always building new infrastructures to help more businesses flourish. If you wish to help the city grow, the construction sectors have seen massive accomplishments. So long as you have the knowledge and experience needed, you can set up new projects across the city. You can even set up a business to help provide the materials needed for such projects. This includes providing bricks, cement, metals, and more. You can organize contractors and workers to offer help in building new projects. 

    Example 2: Tourism

    Dubai is one of the most popular destinations in the world for tourists. There are many activities and beautiful sights to see. There will always be a target market for providing tourism services and travel options. Thankfully, there are many ways to provide such services. Tour guides are common, and you can find them anywhere along the main city areas. 

    There are also offices that can offer guides to the city as well as directions to popular activities. Some unique services can also be provided, such as bus tours, skyscraper hunts, shopping destinations, and so much more. If you can provide something new, this will benefit Dubai as a whole. 

    Example 3: Car Rentals

    Dubai has the biggest automobile market in the world. Car rentals are common, providing vehicles for people to travel with whilst they visit. If you wish to start your own car rental service, it can be difficult to face such varied competition. The best way to provide this service is to choose vehicles that can support multiple types of visitors. This includes families, couples, business travelers, and more. The cars themselves must be convenient, easy to handle, as well as offering a sense of luxury. You could provide cars that visitors would never be able to normally drive on their budget.

    Adapting is Key

    A last bit of advice is to make sure you are prepared for most outcomes. Expect to make a loss every now and then, as this is similar for most businesses that start out. Be prepared for competition being intimidating, as it can be hard to set yourself apart from others. Be sure to have some finances left as a backup in case money troubles could be around the corner. Don’t spend too much endlessly just to keep the business afloat. Take your time, plan accordingly, and Dubai will be thankful for another entrepreneur.

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