Google has done it again, firing another high-profile Black woman — only this time the very woman it hired to increase Black recruitment.
Google Employees Brace for Cost-Saving Measures

Google employees are reportedly bracing for cost-saving measures, fearing they could lead to mass layoffs the company has so far avoided.

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2022 Layoffs Top 125,000

As the new year approaches, the latest numbers indicate that a whopping 125,000 employees have been laid off in 2022.

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Goldman Sachs to Lay Off Up to 8% of Its Employees

Goldman Sachs is the latest company turning to layoffs to weather the economic downturn, reportedly looking to cut up to 8% of its staff.

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US Government Snapping Up Laid-Off Tech Workers

The US government is proving to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the tech industry’s mass layoffs.

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Amazon Ordered to Stop Anti-Union Retaliation

Amazon’s anti-union efforts have been dealt a major blow, with a judge ordering the company to stop anti-union retaliation.

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Amazon’s Advertising Unit the Latest to Suffer a Headcount Freeze

Amazon’s advertising unit is freezing its headcount as the company deals with economic headwinds impacting the industry.

Amazon Warehouse
Workers at Amazon’s Largest Air Hub, in Northern KY, Push for Unionization

Amazon’s unionization woes are increasing, with workers at the company’s largest air hub pushing to organize.

Doordash COO: Bringing The Entire Walgreens Store To Your Door
DoorDash Reducing Headcount by 1,250

DoorDash is the latest company to reduce its headcount in the face of economic headwinds, cuttings its workforce by 1,250.

Bob Iger: Act Boldly To Achieve Your Dreams
Bob Iger Has No Plans to Lift Disney Hiring Freeze

Bob Iger’s return as CEO of Disney may signal a time of change, but the company’s hiring freeze is one thing that won’t change.

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Twitter Exec Fights Back, Gets Court Injunction Against Being Fired

At least one Twitter exec isn’t accepting Musk’s ultimatum to commit to an “extremely hardcore” environment or quit, not without a fight.

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Wefox CEO ‘Disgusted’ by Tech Industry Layoffs

Wefox CEO Julian Teicke had harsh words for the tech industry and his fellow CEOs, saying he was “disgusted” by the number of layoffs occurring.

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HP Plans Long-Term Layoffs in the Thousands

HP is the latest company to announce layoffs, saying it will let 4,000 to 6,000 employees go over the next three years.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk
Elon Musk’s Ultimatum a Scheme to Further Cut Twitter Workforce

Elon Musk’s ultimatum to employees may have been part of a bigger plan to reduce Twitter’s headcount beyond layoffs.

Elon Musk
Twitter’s Death Spiral? Employees Flee Over Musk’s Ultimatum.

Twitter is in trouble as employees are leaving en masse in response to Elon Musk’s ultimatum that they commit to a “hardcore” environment.

Cisco Laying Off 4,000+ Workers, Taking $600 Million Restructuring Charge

Cisco is the latest tech giant to engage in layoffs, cutting more than 4,000 staff and taking a $600 million restructuring charge.

Google has done it again, firing another high-profile Black woman — only this time the very woman it hired to increase Black recruitment.
Analyst Says Google Should Conduct Layoffs

An analyst is calling on Google to lay off employees, saying attrition alone will not be sufficient to cut costs.

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VC Firm Wants to Invest $100,000 in Firms With Laid-Off Founders

Day One Ventures is looking to invest in companies with laid-off founders, in an effort to benefit from their experience.

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Microsoft Releases Results of Independent Transparency Report

Microsoft has released the results of an independent transparency report on the company’s handling of harassment and discrimination policies.

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Amazon Reportedly Plans to Lay Off 10,000

Amazon may soon be joining Meta in one of the biggest mass layoffs of 2022, with the company reportedly looking to lay off 10,000 employees.

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Twitter Reportedly Letting Contract Workers Go

Twitter’s personnel cuts continue, with the company reportedly letting contractor workers go over the weekend.