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If You Don’t Provide a Great Customer Experience You Won’t Survive, Says Zendesk CEO
“We definitely help companies provide great customer experiences,” says Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane. “That is the new currency of today. You can ha...
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Bitcoin is Worthless, Says Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary
Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary is not a fan of Bitcoin. He talked about a transaction where he tried to buy property using Bitcoin in Switzerland. “T...
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Salesforce CEO: Every B2B and B2C Company Is Becoming a B2B2C Company
Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff says that every company is becoming a B2B2C company. “Every B2B company and B2C company is becoming a B2B2C company,�...
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How to Use Video to Boost Traffic and Sales Faster Than SEO
Marketing innovator Neil Patel says that video is better than most marketing channels out there for getting traffic fast. In his latest video Patel ex...
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Cross-Media Campaign Execution is a Pain Point for Media Companies
“The biggest pain point for media companies today with regards to cross-media campaigns is the execution,” says Susie Hedrick who is SVP of North ...
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We’ve Gotten Enormous Benefits From the Digital World, But Trust Has Really Suffered, Says SAP CEO
I think trust has really suffered. In many ways, we’ve gotten enormous benefits from the digital world. In fact, you can stay connected to everybody...
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SAP CEO: We Out-Innovated Everybody
“Where did we leave them in the dust? We basically out innovated everybody in terms of how you run your business better. Now the idea is how you cre...
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Kevin David Reveals His Proven Method for Making Money With Facebook Ads
One of the keys to making money with Facebook ads is to create and test 100 Facebook ad sets per day, says Kevin David who has become a successful ent...
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When It’s Game Time for Retail New Relic is There, Says CEO
Whether it’s for a popular mobile app, an online video game with millions of users, or a huge ecommerce platform, they all rely on critical New Reli...
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Salesforce co-CEO: We Are Just at the Dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
“Our customers, they're betting their business on us,” says Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block. “They're disrupting their business models. They're re...
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Neil Patel’s 7 Trends to Embrace for Successful Digital Marketing in 2019
Self-made marketing expert Neil Patel released a video titled, How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019. Patel outlines 7 Trends that all businesses ...
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Yellzz in Lead Gen Pilot with Microsoft Bing Search Engine
Wouldn’t it be great if your business could be in real-time contact with your potential customer while they are looking at your ad or business listi...
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Starbucks Delivery via Uber Eats Goes National After Seeing Higher Average Sales
Based on a successful delivery trial in China via Alibaba and Uber Eats in Miami, Starbucks has announced that they are adding delivery nationwide. ...
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Read Your Customer’s Digital Body Language, Boost Sales!
It’s no secret that personalized marketing can solidify brand loyalty, improve customer experience, and boost profit margins. In fact, one recen...
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Blockchain Powered mCart Creates Ecosystem to Incentivize Influencers
Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour says that their blockchain powered mCart system is helping retailers track influencer driven sales… forever. That’s ri...
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5 Instagram Contest Ideas That Will Skyrocket Your Following
Instagram is one of the most formidable social media platforms today. It now has over a billion active monthly users, a fact that businesses should ta...
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Salesforce CEO: Incredible Wave, Global Phenomenon of Digital Transformation
Cloud adoption is just in the very early days says Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block. He says that over the last few years we’ve been in a perfect storm...
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How to Figure Out What Your Potential Customers Really Want
It doesn’t matter how good your product is or whether you offer the best service. Consumers will not purchase it or hire you if they don’t...
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Why Vertical Videos are Now Essential to Growing Your Brand
There’s no doubt about it, video is the most powerful medium for marketing today. Research has shown that 75 million people in the US watch videos o...
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Patrick Bet-David: Patriots and Entrepreneurs Make America Work
Entrepreneur and successful motivational speaker Patrick Bet-David says that there are two groups who really make America work, Patriots who put their...
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