Get More Out Of Facebook Insights And Graph Search

Get More Out Of Facebook Insights And Graph Search

By Chris Crum June 11, 2014

Shweiki Media and Avital Eidenbom from Studio 5 Innovation have put out this short webinar about using Facebook Insights and Graph search to get more out of your social media content. One Graph Search tip from the video is to …

Google Webinar Looks To Make You Better At Social Google Webinar Looks To Make You Better At Social

Google has released the recording of a webinar about launching and amplifying your impact across social channels. It’s called, “The New Normal: Brand Engagement in the Age of the Connected Consumer”. “The digital and social revolution has empowered consumers with …

Google Talks Enhanced Campaigns On Display Network Google Talks Enhanced Campaigns On Display Network

Google recently launched Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords, a controversial move in the advertising world. Controversial as they may be, they’re not going away, and Google is encouraging advertisers to upgrade. Either way, upgrades will start happening automatically on July 22. …

Google Posts Multiscreen Brand Building Webinar Google Posts Multiscreen Brand Building Webinar

Google has released video from a recent webinar about brand building in a multiscreen world. The video is about a half hour long, and discusses ways to build brand awareness and influence consideration for your brand using YouTube, the Google …

A Webinar About Remarketing With Google Analytics A Webinar About Remarketing With Google Analytics

Google recently posted an hour-long webinar about Remarketing with Google Analytics. Google launched the feature earlier this year in beta, to help users create remarketing lists based on specific audiences who visit their sites and show interest in products. Google …

Google Posts 2 Webinars On Going Mobile Google Posts 2 Webinars On Going Mobile
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Google has posted a pair of webinars from its “GoMo” campaign, which is an initiative to get people to create mobile-friendly sites. One of the webinars is for advertisers and one is for publishers. They both include tips and case …

Learn With Google Webinar Series Launched Learn With Google Webinar Series Launched

Google announced the launch of a new webinar program for businesses called “Learn with Google”. It’s basically just a general series covering best practices for various Google products. You can bookmark this landing page and find them all there, including …

Google Nixes AdWords Maintenance, Announces Webinar

AdWords professionals know by now not to fiddle with their accounts on the second Saturday of every month; maintenance is always scheduled to occur from 10 AM to 2 PM.  Google’s going to allow everyone the opportunity to be extra-productive this month, though, cancelling the maintenance session and preparing a free webinar, too.

Facebook Marketing Opportunities

I’m listening to a playback of Jeremiah Owyang’s (of Forrester Research) Webinar on marketing opportunities at Facebook that was put on by MarketingProfs.

Images If you want to watch it it’s free to members or it costs $129 straight up.

Getting a Feel for Web Conference Usage

Web conferencing technology/service vendors, this is for you. Nobody really knows the true size of the market and how widespread the use of our medium is.

Asking the clients about their usage won’t ever get us a large enough response rate to get valid totals. So let’s do a little group estimation amongst ourselves. I have put together a short (but difficult!) online survey. I’m asking each of the web conferencing technology vendors to go through and give best guesses and estimates of usage averages and totals that they see with their clients.

Increasing Webinar Attendance

I received an email (actually a comment to one of my posts on typical webinar attendance rates) asking for advice and suggestions on how to improve attendance rates for training webinars. This email came from a vendor who works with independent franchise operators who sell the OEM’s portfolio. He said he wanted to train them, get their attention, and motivate them to sell his services.

Tom Blue – A Webinar Use Case

Tom Blue writes a blog called Marketing Revisited ("Lessons and Observations from the Marketing Trenches"). Last week he wrote a piece entitled "Harness the Market-making Power of Webinars." In his entry, he talked about how he had paid no attention to webinars until he was invited to be a presenter with Research In Motion (aka RIM… the company that makes the ubiquitous BlackBerry handheld communications device).

Webinars in Many Languages

If you go to InterCall’s home page, you will find the word "global" prominently featured. Their tag line in the logo is: "InterCall – Global Conferencing Solutions" and down at the bottom of the page the small type says "InterCall is the leading conference call solution for global business." Not only that, but before you go surfing around their site, you are forced to select your country and language preference from a list of 18 representative flags.

Presence – Useful For Webinars?

Line56 published an article Monday talking about presence becoming a more important part of IBM’s collaborative environment.

Weighing Podcasts vs. Webinars

With all respect to Jackie Huba, I disagree with her assertion that companies should dump their webinars for podcasts or videocasts.

Podcasts vs. Webinars: Which is Better?

An interesting conversation started on podcasts vs. webinars at the Church of the Customer Blog.