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Wayne Brady’s Ex-Wife Helped Him Cope With Depression

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight which was aired on November 3, Wayne Brady revealed that he has been suffering from depression. He also talked about how his ex-wife, Mandie Takata, helped him get the treatment that he desperately needed. Brady cites Robin Williams’ suicide as the wake-up call that made him want to get better and ultimately shaped his …

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Wayne Brady Opens Up About Struggles With Depression

Wayne Brady may seem like a happy go lucky guy, but he recently admitted that he struggles with depression. He recently told Entertainment Tonight that he has struggled with the illness for years but was afraid to come forward with his struggles because he feels pressured to be happy and funny all of the time. “People are like, ‘Wayne Brady’s …

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Wayne Brady Raps, White People Dance in New Wii Party U Ad

For nearly one year now, Nintendo has struggled to sell its Wii U console. The lack of must-have games for the system has created apathy for gamers, who are now looking forward to two competitor consoles from Sony and Microsoft. This, just as Nintendo is finally getting some fun-looking games for the Wii U. Nintendo last week released Wii Party …

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