Wayne Brady Raps, White People Dance in New Wii Party U Ad

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For nearly one year now, Nintendo has struggled to sell its Wii U console. The lack of must-have games for the system has created apathy for gamers, who are now looking forward to two competitor consoles from Sony and Microsoft. This, just as Nintendo is finally getting some fun-looking games for the Wii U.

Nintendo last week released Wii Party U, its Wii U follow-up to Wii Party for the Wii. The game is a Mario Party-style virtual board game with dozens of mini games for players to play with each other. While other publishers are focusing on online multiplayer, Nintendo is still encouraging people to get together in a single living room, and who better to promote this concept than comedian Wayne Brady. Wait, what?

Nintendo today released a series of ads starring Whose Line is it Anyway's Wayne Brady. In the videos, Brady appears to use his improvisational skills to annoy the various members of two stage families. The most bizarre ad, though, is one where he raps on about Wii Party U as the families dance (poorly):

Two other ads were also released in the series. One sees Brady annoying two children trying to play a baseball mini-game on the Wii U GamePad. The other features Brady and the father from the rap ad spending some awkwardly forced male-bonding time together.

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