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Blockbuster to Shutdown All Domestic Retail Operations

We all knew it would happen eventually. Blockbuster is finally closing its doors for good. Yesterday, DISH Network Corporation, issued a press release announcing that its subsidiary, Blockbuster, will be ending its domestic retail by closing the last remaining 300 United States company-owned stores, and its distribution centers. In addition to closing stores, the company plans to eliminate all DVD-by-mail …

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Blockbuster Closing Its Doors Forever

Blockbuster has found itself in a situation where it has to wind up its retail and mail distribution business by January 2014 because of the expected decline in demand of its services. Blockbuster may have had a booming business in the 1990s and early 2000s, but not anymore. Online streaming videos like YouTube and companies like Amazon, Netflix, among others …

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Blockbuster Closing 300 More Stores in the U.S.

As media consumption shifts to streaming and downloaded products, retailers of physical entertainment media are being forced to change rapidly or die ignoble deaths. At the same time that Blockbuster U.K. has entered administration (bankruptcy) and announced 160 of its stores across the U.K. will be closing, Blockbuster in the U.S. is having similar difficulties. Dish Network, the parent company …

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YouTube Getting Serious About This Video Rental Thing

YouTube recently started experimenting with renting video content as a potential new way for content producers to make money, which led to the question: will YouTube be the place to rent movies in the future?

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Blockbuster May Have Busted Its Last Block

Mom-and-Pops might get to watch Blockbuster close up shop for a change. In a filing with the SEC, the movie rental company acknowledges it may not be able to secure a $250 million loan to continue operations.

Blockbuster, which operates 7,400 stores in 20 countries, had hoped to close next month on financing that would float them until 2010. Because of lender reluctance and the illiquidity facing the larger economy, however, the company may not be able to meet lenders’ terms. From the SEC filing summary:

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