Ustream Streams New Year’s Eve From Time Square

Ustream Streams New Year’s Eve From Time Square

By Chris Crum December 31, 2014

Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment, which are the co-organizers of New Year’s Eve in Times Square, are streaming the big celebration tonight on Ustream. The broadcast will last for six hours. It will be live, obviously, and will be …

Huffington Post and Ustream Strike an Exclusive Deal Huffington Post and Ustream Strike an Exclusive Deal

Today, Ustream Inc., and the Huffington Post struck an exclusive deal that gives Huffington Post access to live-streaming videos from the site’s citizen journalists. It’s a unique opportunity for both organizations. Ustream’s coverage can now be viewed by the Post’s …

WWDC 2012: Ustream Draws Over 40,000 Viewers For Apple Keynote WWDC 2012: Ustream Draws Over 40,000 Viewers For Apple Keynote

A few hours ago we brought you news that the popular live video streaming site Ustream may have been hacked ahead of Apple’s WWDC 2012 keynote. Attempts to access the site using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox consistently led to …

UStream Hacked Ahead Of Apple’s WWDC? UStream Hacked Ahead Of Apple’s WWDC?
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Popular live video streaming site UStream may have been compromised by hackers. Visiting the site using Google’s Chrome browser, we’re seeing: Similarly in Firefox, we’re seeing: Apparently, Apple’s Safari sees no problems: Google’s search results are displaying it as if …

New Ustream Interface Focuses On Exploration New Ustream Interface Focuses On Exploration

Live video streaming site Ustream has announced that some pretty big changes to the site are on the way. It’s “rebuilt from the ground up,” they say, and its goal is to “provide a simplified experience for viewers and broadcasters.” …

Ustream Videos Had Over 2 Billion Views In 2011 [Infographic] Ustream Videos Had Over 2 Billion Views In 2011 [Infographic]

Online streaming video solution Ustream has put out an infographic showcasing some stats on usage of its service, including 2 billion views for 2011. Others of note: 51 million viewers per month globally, and 49 million hours of video viewed …

Gamers Embark on Sonic the Hedghog Marathon For Charity Gamers Embark on Sonic the Hedghog Marathon For Charity

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For those of you who think playing video games is mindless fun and has the potential to offer tons of time-wasting opportunities, well, you’re right; but, there’s also a lot of good that can come from it, especially if it’s …

Charlie Sheen: Crazy, Savvy, or Both? Charlie Sheen: Crazy, Savvy, or Both?

So the consensus from everyone, including people in Hollywood and regular folks, is Charlie Sheen has gone around the bend. However, the more I take in the Charlie Sheen social media experience, I’m beginning to think there’s some savvy to go along with the insanity.

Inside the Google Phonebooth, Apple Refuses to Show “Green” Rank

Today seems to be redesign day. Digg began rolling out its new redesign to all users (follow us here). MySpace introduced a redesign to profiles. In addition to these, UStream unveiled its own redesign with changes to the homepage as well as the dashboard.

Murdoch Voices Excitement with Tablets

Rupert Murdoch is excited about tablets. The Guardian has a piece quoting him as calling them "a perfect platform" for cheap and convenient, up-to-date News Corp. content. He says the company has "tens of thousands of readers" through apps for the Wall Street Journal, the Times and the Australian.

MySpace’s “New Moon” Webcast Brings In 3m Viewers
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Leading up to MySpace’s live stream of red carpet arrivals at the world premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, we indicated that onlookers should expect a big traffic spike.  Now, the statistics are in, and "ginormous traffic mountain" is more like it.

In an email to WebProNews, a MySpace representative stated that the webcast attracted over 2 million uniques and a total of almost 3 million viewers.  Those large numbers are about equal to the populations of Houston and Chicago, respectively.

Want Ochocinco on your iPhone? There
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The self-proclaimed "Interesting One", Chad Ochocinco, has taken the social media scene by storm. His Twitter account currently has 250,892 followers and his Ustream show has 3,353 followers and over 180,000 views. So what’s the next logical step for a social media savvy NFL star? Well, now he’s going mobile.

Social Media: A Day In The Life Of An NFL Player

The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, formerly known as Chad Johnson, has been tweeting for sometime now. With just over 110,000 followers on Twitter and his own show on USTREAM, Ocho is giving the everyday fan a chance to see the daily life of an NFL player… however wacky the life may be.

Mimic the Inauguration with New Facebook Offering
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Facebook launched the Live Stream Box today, which is a feature that lets website owners and developers enable Facebook users to connect, share, and post updates in real-time as they witness events online. Think CNN’s Facebook integration from the Presidential Inauguration.

Childbirth 2.0: Have Blackberry, Will Twitter

Who needs a birth certificate when you’ve got Twitter, Flickr, and Ustream to document the blessed event? Who’s ready for Birthing 2.0?

Adobe: Ask Apple About Flash on iPhone

So, I’m sitting with Kevin Lynch, Chief Software Architect at Adobe, is proudly showing off his iPhone. That led me to ask “will we see Flash on the iPhone?” He said that I’d have to call Apple to find out about that.

Live Blogging – A Next Step

The kerfuffle over live blogging isn’t likely to subside any time soon, given the growing popularity of live online communication. Add audio and video to the mix and the people who hold live blogging in disdain are likely to go apopleptic.