New Ustream Interface Focuses On Exploration

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Live video streaming site Ustream has announced that some pretty big changes to the site are on the way. It's "rebuilt from the ground up," they say, and its goal is to "provide a simplified experience for viewers and broadcasters."

The new interface is being called Ustream Explore, as it "reflects the increased focus on allowing you to quickly explore the best live content from around the world." One of the cool features of the new site involves multitasking - allowing users to browse and watch videos at the same time.

Now, when you're exploring new content, you can click on any video and it will immediately begin playback on the left hand side of your screen. While the video is playing, you can continue to browse without disrupting it. Check out their video below for a rundown of all the new stuff:

Video streaming by Ustream

As of right now, the new site is available to anyone that wants to try it as an opt-in beta. All you have to do it log in to your Ustream account and you'll see a blue button on the right hand side that prompts you to "Try the New stream."

In 2011, Ustream recorded over 2 billion total views (both live and recorded). They also boasted 51 million global viewers per month and 49 million hours viewed per month. Their highest amount of concurrent viewers during the year was an impressive 800,000.

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