Twitter Launches Custom Timelines

Twitter Launches Custom Timelines

By Chris Crum November 12, 2013

Twitter has launched a new feature called Custom Timelines. This simply enables you to create and share a timeline based on specific tweets of your choosing. These can include your own tweets as well as tweets from others. The feature …

TweetDeck Web Version Gets Some Updates TweetDeck Web Version Gets Some Updates

Tweetdeck just got updated with some new features and bug fixes. Twitter, which acquired TweetDeck last year, announced on the Tweetdeck blog that the web version of the popular Twitter client has a new profile panel, and a few other …

New TweetDeck Launched, Twitter Keeping It Alive New TweetDeck Launched, Twitter Keeping It Alive

Twitter has launched a new version of TweetDeck, the Twitter client it acquired for a reported $40 million last year. With the new version, users can create, edit, delete and otherwise manage lists from the app. User profiles have “add …

Twitter Makes TweetDeck Acquisition Official Twitter Makes TweetDeck Acquisition Official

It’s been reported all month that Twitter was acquiring TweetDeck. This week, CNN reported that the papers had been signed, but there was stilll no official word from Twitter or TweetDeck. Until now. In a post on the Twitter Blog, …

TweetDeck Purchased by Twitter, Reports Emerge Again TweetDeck Purchased by Twitter, Reports Emerge Again

Around the beginning of May, reports came out suggesting that Twitter had acquired TweetDeck, and an announcement was expected within days. That didn’t happen. Here it is several weeks later, and now we have a report from CNN indicating that …

Grooveshark for iPhone, TweetDeck for Android, Social Search Tools
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Grooveshark has reportedly now become available in Apple’s App store after a long struggle to get it there. This is an app that lets you search for songs, and stream them on demand . Unsurprisingly, it faces legal battles, but it has already settled some. The app has been available on Android.

TweetDeck announced today that TweetDeck on Android (beta) is now officially available.

TweetDeck Coming to Android – Beta Test Starts This Week
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The developers of TweetDeck are getting ready to beta test TweetDeck for Android, a move some might call long overdue. The incredible growth that Android is seeing is making the operating system hard to ignore (as a Netflix employee recently pointed out).

TweetDeck Adds Some Popular Features

Twitter desktop and iPhone utility Tweetdeck, a popular time saver for managing your presence across multiple social networks, has released an upgrade which includes:

TweetDeck Harnesses MySpace, Goes TweetPhoto

TweetDeck, the popular Twitter and more application, has expanded upon its Facebook-related features, and added MySpace into the mix. Users now have more control over the sorting of Facebook friends, and can update their MySpace status/mood from TweetDeck, just as they have been able to do with Facebook and Twitter.

TweetDeck Announces That v0.27 Is Nearly Ready

TweetDeck has announced, via Twitter, that version 0.27 is nearly ready. They also promise "it’s a big upgrade". Question is: What new additions will we see with v0.27?

TweetDeck v0.27 Tweet

Mashable and TechCrunch Get Their Own Twitter Apps

While I don’t use third-party Twitter app Tweetdeck myself (I switched to Seesmic Desktop a while back), I noticed today that both Mashable and TechCrunch now have their own branded versions.

It’s basically the same Tweetdeck application but now you can have a

TweetDeck for iPhone now Available for Download
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UPDATE: Mashable has just confirmed that TweetDeck for the iPhone will be releasing tonight at 9PM Pacific Time. The app will be available for free at the Apple App Store.

TweetDeck is probably the most famous Twitter desktop app, so it really comes as no surprise that they’re now making the jump to the iPhone.

That’s right… TweetDeck for the iPhone.

TweetDeck Desktop Quietly Relaunches
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During the madness of last nights TweetDeck iPhone app release, TweetDeck quietly released a new version of their popular desktop app.

Oh, and the new release has loads of new features.

Manage multiple Twitter with TweetDeck.
Manage all your Twitter accounts from TweetDeck without switching between them.

iPhone: Fun Facts and Apps of the Day
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As you are probably aware, Apple announced last week that the iPhone 3G S would go on sale this Friday. Phone recycler Gazelle tells WebProNews that 300 iPhones were traded into its site that day alone.

Saving Money on the iPhone Upgrade

5 Twitter Tools to Help You Tweet from Your Desktop
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Does anyone even go to the Twitter homepage anymore? It seems like more and more users are changing the origin of their tweets as Twitter desktop clients are becoming more mainstream.

There are literally dozens of desktop clients available for download… but which are the best?