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Elderly Woman Finds Dog in OK Tornado Rubble During Interview with CBS
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The situation is still fluid outside the Oklahoma City area, after a massive tornado ripped through the town of Moore leaving a path of destruction that rivals any storm in recent memory. As of Tuesday morning, reports indicate that dozens …

You Have To See This Incredible Video Of The Oklahoma Tornado Forming

There has been a lot of terrifying imagery of the tornado that terrorized the Oklahoma City area on Monday, but this incredible video shows the formation of the storm in Newcastle, OK. “The birth of the May 20, 2013 tornado …

Oklahoma Tornado Photos Are All Over Reddit
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A tornado, which reached an estimated width of two miles at one point, ripped through Oklahoma on Monday afternoon, leaving at least 51 people (including at least 20 children) dead, and an enormous path of destruction in its wake. On …

Tornado Kills Mom While Protecting Her Daughter

Have you ever heard a parent tell you that they would die so their child could live? A mother in Florida actually did die protecting her daughter on June 25th. As tropical storm Debby was barely anything with just 45 …

56 Years Worth Of Tornado Tracks
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What you see in the lead image is courtesy of John Nelson, who took 56 years worth of tornado data (in the United States) and created the awesome-yet-frightening map that charts the path of every tornado that was reported in …

Texas Tornadoes: Towns Incur Massive Damage, Thousands Without Power

A huge storm system ripped through Texas on Tuesday afternoon, spawning tornadoes which did massive damage to Dallas and Fort Worth. The area has been declared by the National Weather Service as under a “tornado emergency” as buildings were decimated …

Tornado Bludgeons San Antonio, Texas

A tornado southwest of San Antonio caused considerable damage and flooding across the region. The flooding was caused by a line of thunderstorms that shadowed the fierce cone of destruction. The natural disaster touched down late Monday about 25 miles …

Facebook Is Friend For Tornado Victims Facebook Is Friend For Tornado Victims
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Spawned by a chain of massive thunderstorms, a flurry of fast-moving tornados caused major destruction and disaster from the Gulf of Mexico to the Midwest on Friday. The wave of tornados killed 39 people and left many residents in it’s …

Angel Babcock, Symbol Of Hope Dies – Twitter Reacts
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This past weekend, a series of tornadoes swept through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. While some cities in these states only received severe thunderstorms and rain, some other parts of these states encountered heavy tornadoes that brought devastation and heartbreak. …

Tornadoes Hit South, Twitter Reacts Tornadoes Hit South, Twitter Reacts

Severe weather has been occurring across the midwestern and southern U.S. today, with tornados so far touching down in Alabama and Tennessee. The weather Channel has stated that the greatest threat is in Kentucky and Tennessee. Below is a recent …

Sedalia Tornado: Twitter, the Internet Responds Sedalia Tornado: Twitter, the Internet Responds

Perhaps if federal relief could react as quickly as the Twitter and the rest of the Internet… Well, one thing’s for sure, the aftermath of Katrina wouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Meanwhile, the Internet has jumped on the …

Joplin Tornado Aftermath: Stunning Double Rainbow Joplin Tornado Aftermath: Stunning Double Rainbow
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I’m not one to often correlate random acts with other random acts, but this is quite the “wow” occurrence. Shortly after the devastating tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri on Sunday, someone recorded a beautiful double rainbow in nearby Springfield, …

Joplin Missouri Tornado Videos Hit YouTube Joplin Missouri Tornado Videos Hit YouTube
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Yesterday, a massive tornado swept through the town of Joplin in southwest Missouri. This comes on the heels of the recent tornadoes that touched down in Alabama and other parts of the south, leaving a trail of devastation unlike most …

Charlie Sheen Uses Twitter to Help Alabama Tornado Relief Effort Charlie Sheen Uses Twitter to Help Alabama Tornado Relief Effort
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Twitter phenomenon, fired television actor and tiger blood carrier Charlie Sheen may be using his recently acquired super-celebrity for a good cause.

Last night he tweeted that he was on his way to Alabama on a “recon mission.”

Facebook Tweaks the Homepage Navigation
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Facebook has made an adjustment to the left-hand navigation on the user’s home page. The company says this aimed at making it easier for users to access the fundamental parts of the social network.

Facebook Open Sources FriendFeed Web Server

About a month ago, Facebook announced that it was acquiring FriendFeed. Today the company announced it is open sourcing Tornado, a web server framework originally developed by the FriendFeed team.