Elderly Woman Finds Dog in OK Tornado Rubble During Interview with CBS

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The situation is still fluid outside the Oklahoma City area, after a massive tornado ripped through the town of Moore leaving a path of destruction that rivals any storm in recent memory. As of Tuesday morning, reports indicate that dozens of people are dead, including some children. Crews are just beginning the daunting task of searching through the rubble.

It's hard to find many uplifting stories in a tragedy like this - at least this early on. Later we'll hear reports of heroism and self-sacrifice. Today comes this story of a woman and her dog.

While conducting an interview with CBS, an elderly woman found her lost dog buried under the rubble.

"I never lost consciousness," says Barbara Garcia, "and I hollered for my little dog...and he didn't answer, and he didn't come. So I know he's in here somewhere."

About a minute later, the reporter notices the dog just a few feet from where they are conducting the interview. Truly incredible.

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