Oklahoma Tornado Photos Are All Over Reddit

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A tornado, which reached an estimated width of two miles at one point, ripped through Oklahoma on Monday afternoon, leaving at least 51 people (including at least 20 children) dead, and an enormous path of destruction in its wake. On Tuesday morning, emergency workers continue to search for more victims. Update: apparently some of the victims were somehow counted twice, and the death toll has been reduced to 24 confirmed (9 children).

According to a recent update from CNN, personnel have rescued over a hundred people from the rubble in metropolitan Oklahoma City. According to CBS News, there are still two dozen missing children from an elementary school that was destroyed.

Photos and videos of the tornado and its destruction have flooded social media, giving the whole world a glimpse of the terror that ripped through the area.

Reddit, in particular, has a plethora of photos (mostly hosted on Imgur) of the aftermath. Here are a few of the top photos from the r/pics subreddit with their reddit headlines:


Teachers Carrying Elementary Students out of School Leveled by Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma (soonerguy11)


A teacher finds one of his students among the rubble caused by the tornado in Moore, OK (robbinsc).


Picture taken in the tornado rubble in Moore, OK. (Fritoontheradio)


My brother's friend after the tornado standing in front of his former house. (stratola)


Picture from my backyard of May 20th tornado that hit Oklahoma today. (BrokenRayn)

More at reddit.com/r/pics, reddit.com/r/oklahoma, and no doubt countless other subreddits.

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