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GigaOm and TheStreet Combine Content and Audiences

AOL buying TechCrunch isn’t the only news happening in the tech content world today. GigaOm and TheStreet.com have announced a partnership, which will see the two publications sharing content and audiences. Both will share and co-author editorial and research content across their network of sites.

TheStreet’s First Quarter Earnings Far From Flawless

TheStreet.com is looking somewhat worse for wear this morning; following its first-quarter earnings report, the company’s stock dropped over 15 percent.

TheStreet.com Acquires A Stake In Geezeo

It’s hard to get past Geezeo’s name; the personal finance site sounds like an old Italian man.  TheStreet.com, for its part, is largely dominated by lunatic Jim Cramer.  But these oddities need to be set aside for a moment, because TheStreet has acquired a sizable stake in Geezeo.

New Site Tosses Finance, Celebrities Together

A lot of people enjoy celebrity gossip, and just about everybody wants to get rich.  So why not combine the two activities?  This odd idea – wait, you’ll see – has resulted in the creation of MainStreet.com.