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John McAfee Talked About Ricin Attacks In January, Puts Out Statement John McAfee Talked About Ricin Attacks In January, Puts Out Statement
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As you may know, letters poisoned with ricin were sent to President Obama and Senator Roger Wicker, though both were intercepted before they could do any harm. Investigators, reportedly see no link from the letters to the explosions at the …

Mystery Man on Roof Over Explosion Starts Twitter Trend
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With all of the professional and amateur media that caught the Boston Marathon bombings on video, it was only a matter of time before amateur investigators began to piece together their own story. Within minutes of the explosions, Twitter user …

CleanIT Gets Rid Of Browser Surveillance, Opts For Terrorism Button In Browsers CleanIT Gets Rid Of Browser Surveillance, Opts For Terrorism Button In Browsers

In September of last year, we brought you word that the European Union was working on a proposal called CleanIT to stop the spread of terroristic content online. The plan called for a number of outlandish proposals such as browser-level …

Censoring The Internet Won’t Stop Terrorism Censoring The Internet Won’t Stop Terrorism
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Terrorists are on the Internet. It’s just a fact. Just like you and I, members of radical fringe groups use the Internet to communicate ideas and spread information. It’s hard to combat the message when it’s online due to the …

One World Trade Center Construction On-Track For Completion

Today marks the 11th anniversary of September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The event left a large hole in downtown Manhattan, and between the clean-up efforts and the compromising, it took years for a …

Google Ideas Backs Anti-Extremist Group with New Website Google Ideas Backs Anti-Extremist Group with New Website

In June 2011, Google Ideas hosted the Summit Against Violent Extremism that brought together a group of over 80 people who were former survivors and perpetrators of radical extremism ranging from gang members, right-wing extremists, 9/11 victims, and jihadists in …

Online LSD Dealers Arrested Online LSD Dealers Arrested

Eight suspected drugs dealers have been arrested around the world, for operated a site called ‘The Farmer’s Market,’ which allowed clients to buy illegal drugs via the internet. The site, ran by Marc Willems of the Netherlands, sold LSD, ecstasy, …

UK Woman Arrested: Possible Link to Moroccan Terrorist Attempts on Synagogue in Milan

A 40 year old is being questioned to see if she has ties to a 20 year old Moroccan man suspected of planning terrorist attacks on a synagogue in Milan. She is accused of collecting information that would assist the …

Anti-Terror Plan In UK Seeks To Spy, Store Personal Data On Everyone

We live in a world full of terror. To protect its people from this terror, the UK wants to store all of its citizens personal data – phone calls, text messages, online browsing history – to combat whatever terror is …

FBI Enlists Makeup Vendors, Tattoo Shops For Help In War On Terrorism
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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a collection of 25 fliers to assorted businesses in order to help promote their “Communities Against Terrorism” campaign. The fliers are designed to help employees easily identify “suspicious persons” who might be hiding …

If You Like Internet Privacy, You Might Be A Terrorist
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At least according to the FBI, anyway. Thanks to an incredibly contradicting article that focuses on Internet cafe activity, it’s safe to assume profiling is alive and well in 21st century law enforcement, and it’s not just limited to race, …

Twitter: British Tourists Arrested After Making Twitter Jokes Twitter: British Tourists Arrested After Making Twitter Jokes

It’s time for another entry in “Be careful what you say on social media.” This week’s entry comes from the U.K. where two British tourists were arrested for jokingly tweeting that they were going to “destroy America” and “dig up …

U.S. Gov’t Wants To Censor Twitter

EFF published an article earlier today detailing the U.S. government’s growing demand that Twitter shut down accounts that are affiliated with alleged terrorists. Citing several recent incidences in which government officials have pressured Twitter to censor tweets and accounts, EFF …

Lieberman Urges Google To Ban Terrorist Content Lieberman Urges Google To Ban Terrorist Content

Following the arrest of Jose Pimentel earlier this month for plotting a bomb attack in New York City, Sen. Joe Lieberman is now calling upon Google to ban all terrorist material. Citing Google’s prior crack-down on terrorist content on YouTube, …

Google Takes On Violent Extremism Google Takes On Violent Extremism

Google, along with partners, is holding a Summit Against Violent Extremism for three days of debates and workshops with former gang members, right-wing extremists, jihadists, and militants in Dubland. All of these people, Google says, have “rejected violence,” and currently …

Cyber Will Be the Next Generation Warfare, Says Govt. Expert Cyber Will Be the Next Generation Warfare, Says Govt. Expert
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The recent breaches involving both Sony and Epsilon prove that cyber threats are on the rise. According to Charles Dodd, a U.S. government consultant on cyber defense, the death of Osama bin Laden sparked many cyber attacks ranging from spam-related incidents to politically motivated foreign nation threats as well.

What’s Digital Terrorism?
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“Digital terrorism” isn’t a phrase one hears often. There might be good reason for that: it’s not abundantly clear what digital terrorism entails. Is it hacking into air traffic control to give dangerous instructions to pilots? Is it using YouTube to promote a violent, hateful cause? Is it setting up a Facebook group to give members a chance to voice a yea in favor of something offensive? Is it trolling comment areas and flaming an author?

Terrorists On Twitter?
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Terrorists. In your closet, under your bed, on Twitter. And Army intelligence, your big brother, is watching closely. Be careful throwing the word “Hezbollah” around in your tweets.

Has 9/11 Become “The” National Holiday?


Lieberman To Google: Stop Terrorist Videos
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Senator Joe Lieberman asked Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt to do more about alleged terrorist videos made by al-Qaeda being posted on YouTube.

Senator Asks YouTube To Remove Terrorist Clips
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In an open letter sent earlier today to Eric Schmidt, Senator Joe Lieberman brought up the issue of terrorist-produced videos appearing on YouTube.  On the YouTube Blog, corporate representatives have now responded.