John McAfee Talked About Ricin Attacks In January, Puts Out Statement

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As you may know, letters poisoned with ricin were sent to President Obama and Senator Roger Wicker, though both were intercepted before they could do any harm. Investigators, reportedly see no link from the letters to the explosions at the Boston Marathon, at least so far.

Interestingly a statement has come out from none other than McAfee antivirus founder John McAfee, who, if you'll recall, was the center of a big manhunt in (and out of) Belize late last year. In January, McAfee did an interview with Alex Jones in which he predicted ricin attacks on U.S. soil.

McAfee, today, took to his blog to say that he has been contacted my members of the press (linking to CNN), and asked about this prediction. "Meanwhile the same mainstream media channels reporting the current events refused to publish my findings of a potential threat," he says.

What he considers to be his comment on the matter is as follows:

"The press is generally more interested in sensationalism than Truth. It is only when the Truth and the Truly Sensational coincide that the Truth plays much of a role in reported events."

He goes on to say, "In January I told the truth about my discoveries in Belize about impending Ricin attacks, but the more sensational story at the time was the story of a deceptive madman on the run who was manufacturing stories. I am tired of the games played by the press and now choose not to play."

He closes by saying that the truth is being told in an authorized movie of the events from Impact Future Media. Remember that?

In the Alex Jones interview, McAfee talked about the Belize government aiding terrorists, resulting in ricin making its way into the U.S. He said that Belize has been accepting Hezbollah terrorists, changing their identities, giving them European names, then shifting them off through various countries, and eventually into the U.S. with ricin. The John McAfee story sums up his story:

John goes on to say, that for the past three months he has employed two operatives that have infiltrated a Hezbollah Terrorist camp in Nicaragua who are manufacturing tons of Ricin that is destined for a major attack on USA soil. He has also placed three people who have gathered information from the Los Zetas Cartel about working with Hezbollah in trading weapons for access to drug routes. He says the Terrorists are using the drug routes for moving the Ricin … he claims the CIA must know about this. He says the pending Terrorist Attack will be much worse than 9-11.

Here's the Alex Jones video. The interview starts at 48:40

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