UK Woman Arrested: Possible Link to Moroccan Terrorist Attempts on Synagogue in Milan


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A 40 year old is being questioned to see if she has ties to a 20 year old Moroccan man suspected of planning terrorist attacks on a synagogue in Milan. She is accused of collecting information that would assist the facilitation of terrorism.

The names of the suspects have not been released at this point in time.

Brescia Police Chief Lucio Carluccio said anti-terrorism investigators identified the Moroccan suspect from Internet traffic, including a Facebook page on how to assemble explosives and references in other contexts to holy war, or jihad, a term often used by Islamic extremists against the West.

The chief suspect had been under investigation for seven months and authorities decided to arrest him after he started using a Google maps application to zoom in around areas surrounding the synagogue to case security: "There were a series of clicks to zoom on a police car, and to zoom on the anti-sabotage columns" Carluccio said.

Incriminating evidence against the man is piling up; authorities confiscated two flags emblazoned with Nazi swastikas at the suspect's residence, along with detailed descriptions of how to build a car bomb and the quantities of chemicals needed to make an explosive. However, the chief suspect was very cautious in his planning; according to Carlucci,"He paid a lot of attention to his behavior to avoid that anyone would become suspicious."

Italian police claim the man was using his "exceptional" computer skills to create super-secret groups on Facebook to plot an atrocity."

The woman has been arrested in London by a British counter-terrorism team that has been cooperating with investigators in Milan. A Metropolitan police spokesman said she was arrested: "... under Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

London and Italian authorities have not established a link between the suspects and continue to search the woman's home in South London.

She is currently in custody at a South London police station.