Mystery Man on Roof Over Explosion Starts Twitter Trend

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With all of the professional and amateur media that caught the Boston Marathon bombings on video, it was only a matter of time before amateur investigators began to piece together their own story.

Within minutes of the explosions, Twitter user @Boston_to_a_T posted a photo showing the second explosion. Later in the day, someone pointed out what appears to be a solitary man on the roof of a building directly over the explosion.

Of course, it's not unimaginable that someone with access to such a vantage point might use it to watch the Boston Marathon. Still, this is an example of why Boston Police and the FBI are asking any citizens who took pictures or video near the finish line yesterday to forward their footage. Even pictures taken hours before the blasts could be used to spot the person or persons responsible for the attack.


Though the person on the roof appears to be just another bystander, the image sparked Twitter speculation and fueled the conspiracy theories that are just beginning to form:

(Images courtesy Dan Lampariello)

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