Boston Manhunt Shuts Down the City; One Suspect Still at Large

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[UPDATE:] Boston police are now searching for a green '99 Honda sedan with the license plate 116-GC7

[ORIGINAL:] Authorities in Boston are conducting a door-to-door manhunt for one of the suspects in this week's Boston Marathon bombings.

Boston police have closed down sections of greater Boston and have urged people in the city to stay indoors. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has shut down all of its services. Those who were caught at work when the lockdown began have been urged to use Taxi cabs to return home. The city of Boston is, effectively, closed.

According to a Boston Globe report, authorities including the Massachusetts State Police, the U.S. Secret Service, and the FBI are searching for a suspect using SWAT teams and K9 units.

The manhunt began overnight, after police engaged Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (pictured above) and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who are brothers, in a shootout in Watertown, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. Tamerlan was killed in the firefight, but Dzhokar managed to escape and is still on the run.

Before the firefight, the suspects are alleged to have killed an MIT police officer named Sean Collier. The men were then reported to have carjacked an SUV at a nearby gas station before heading toward Watertown. Police pursued the suspects, and news outlets have reported that explosives may have been used by the Tsarnaevs during the firefight.

The FBI had released images of the suspects on Thursday afternoon, enlisting the public's help in finding and identifying them.

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