Taiwan Articles

YouTube Enters Taiwan

YouTube isn’t widely considered to be a purveyor of highbrow or important content.  But as the video-sharing site launches in another country – Taiwan – special attention is being paid to what’s put on it.

Yahoo Takes Panama To Taiwan

Sponsored searches in Taiwan may have just gotten a bit better – Yahoo introduced the upgrade known as Panama.  Unfortunately, this will once again lead us towards something resembling a geographical “Who’s on First?” routine.

Yahoo On UGC Train To Taiwan

Yahoo! announced two major deals this week to expand its Web 2.0 offerings Taiwan. Shortly after Yahoo! Taiwan acquired user-generated-content site Wretch.cc, the company announced an agreement with GigaMedia to cross-promote online game site FunTown.

Taiwan Prez Slams Google and Yahoo

During an annual remembrance of a famous Taiwanese free speech activist, Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian gave Google and Yahoo a proper smack over their cooperation with China.

Google Maps Just Calls It `Taiwan`

After receiving some criticism from the Taiwanese government and some of its citizens, Google has dropped the Province of China’ label from Taiwan on Google Maps.

Taiwan Disagrees With Google Maps
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The foreign ministry of Taiwan has objected to being referred to as a province of China on Google Maps. The government of Taiwan, which rules the island nation, has complained to search engine company Google about how Taiwan is represented on Google Maps. That product refers to Taiwan as a province of China.

Languages a Factor in Google’s Urchin Purchase?

Back in the Spring, Google, which is well known to be very multilingual, bought Urchin as you probably know. Urchin itself is translated into 11 languages.

MSN Search Toolbar Has International Appeal

Last Friday evening, MSN took their search toolbar to the International community by releasing an updated version, which increases the amount of language support given to foreign countries.

AMD Lines Up Support For Dual Core Starting In Taiwan

AMD said their dual core is ready to roll into new PCs and companies are lining up with them saying they’re ready too. Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers announced at Computex in Taipei the product is ready handle dual core power.

Navistar Gets In On Taiwan Military Contract

Navistar International today announced that its operating company International Truck and Engine Corporation in partnership with SanYang Industry Company of Taiwan…