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Senkaku Islands Landing Highlights Japan-China Tensions

Japanese nationalists have highlighted tensions between Japan and China by landing on the disputed Senkaku Islands and raising the Japanese flag. According to Japan Times, members of the nationalist group called Gambare Nippon were protesting in response to a similar demonstration by pro-Beijing protesters last week. The pro-Beijing protest was scheduled to coincide with the anniversary of Victory Over Japan …

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Diablo III Marathon Kills Taiwanese Teenager

I will be the first person to admit that I have something of a video game addiction. If I’m not playing some sort of fighting game — the amount of hours I’m dumped into the recent “Mortal Kombat” is as embarrassing as it is impressive — chances are I’m wandering around the landscape of Skyrim in search of adventure. Bethesda’s …

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Taiwanese Man Killed Wife’s Facebook Friend

Chou You-huang, a 34-year-old Taiwanese man, committed a crime of passion and killed a man after he found out his wife, Chen, was flirting with him on Facebook. Chen, in a Facebook status update, wrote, “I want to get McDonalds! Which nice man will take me there?” Chuang Shih-chang responded: “I am about to arrive at your house!” Apparently this …

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Taiwanese Woman Commits Suicide During Facebook Chat

Today from the Department of Depressing: Police in Taiwain are reporting that a woman committed suicide while chatting with her friends about it on Facebook. Worse, she killed herself on her birthday. Worser, as she was dying she uploaded photos of the fire that produced the noxious fumes and her smoke-filled room to Facebook via her mobile phone. Possibly the …

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Taiwanese Corpse Among Gamers At Internet Cafe

If you’re gaming hardcore for a few hours you can feel dead tired afterwards. Well, apparently one guy really was dead tired after his game session, but I’m placing more emphasis on the dead part rather than tired. While playing video games, a Taiwanese man died of cardiac arrest due to low temperatures. It was reported that the man checked …

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Taiwanese Ad Shows Faux Steve Jobs: Offensive or Funny?

Action Electronics, a Taiwanese computer firm has recently released a line of their own tablets and to advertise them, they hired American born Chinese comedian Ah-Ken. http://youtu.be/tixkl9v-c7w In the commercial Ah-Ken can be seen sporting Mr. Jobs’ black T-shirt and blue jeans with angel wings and a halo to top it. The company apparently feels that poking at the late …

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Foxconn: Workers Are Animals

Foxconn thinks their workers are animals. No, really. Want China Times is reporting that the chairman of Hon Hai, parent company of Foxconn, invited the director of the Taipei Zoo, Chin Shih-chien, to talk about the management of animals. Foxconn, if you remember, is the company that manufactures all those pretty iPads, Xbox 360s and Nintendo Wiis. “Hon Hai has …

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