Taiwanese Ad Shows Faux Steve Jobs: Offensive or Funny?


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Action Electronics, a Taiwanese computer firm has recently released a line of their own tablets and to advertise them, they hired American born Chinese comedian Ah-Ken.

In the commercial Ah-Ken can be seen sporting Mr. Jobs' black T-shirt and blue jeans with angel wings and a halo to top it. The company apparently feels that poking at the late American technology giant will help boost sales of their product, but has it also created negative controversy? The ad is intended to be humorous and is a hit in Taiwan, but after being revealed on YouTube in America, critics are a little offended.

What do you think about the commercial? Harmless or hurtful? Do you think Action Electronics is being intentionally rude or do you feel it's a homage to the tech juggernaut? Let us know what you think by commenting.