Taiwanese Woman Commits Suicide During Facebook Chat


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Today from the Department of Depressing: Police in Taiwain are reporting that a woman committed suicide while chatting with her friends about it on Facebook. Worse, she killed herself on her birthday. Worser, as she was dying she uploaded photos of the fire that produced the noxious fumes and her smoke-filled room to Facebook via her mobile phone.

Possibly the worst: none of the woman's interlocutors alerted authorities to get her help during the 67 minutes she continued to talk about her suicide.

According to her final records on Facebook, Claire Lin, 31, had been chatting with nine different friends while she talked of her impending suicide to them. One friend tried to talk Lin down but, grimly, her final words before losing consciousness were, "Too late. My room is filled with fumes. I just posted another picture. Even while I'm dying, I still want FB. Must be FB poison. Haha."


Lin's previous posts to Facebook had indicated that she was depressed because she felt her boyfriend had been ignoring her. Incidentally, it was her boyfriend that found her body the next day.

If you should ever encounter posts from someone indicating they plan to commit suicide or even be chatting with someone who you feel is in imminent danger of suicide, Facebook has a page where you can report suicidal content here where you can alert the site with as much information as you can provide. In addition, if you feel that the person is possibly in the process of killing themselves, don't hesitate to contact your local 911 or a suicide prevention hotline.