Imgur Uses Tagging To Improve Search Experience

Imgur Uses Tagging To Improve Search Experience

By Chris Crum July 17, 2014

Imgur just announced some new search and discovery features, which pull what it says is the best and most relevant content out for each user on a personalized basis. Over 1.5 million images are uploaded to Imgur every day, so …

Newest malware threat poses as a Facebook email Newest malware threat poses as a Facebook email
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If you have a lot of friends and spend time with said friends, you are probably tagged a lot in their photos. Facebook, being the courteous social network that it is, sends you an email saying that your friend has …

Post First, Ask Later Bad Strategy For Facebook Pics Post First, Ask Later Bad Strategy For Facebook Pics
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I’m sure plenty of you know the feeling: You wake up after a night of partying a little too hard and the first thing that you think (other than how much you need a glass of water) is “Man, I …

Does Picasa Tagging Violate Your Google+ Privacy? Does Picasa Tagging Violate Your Google+ Privacy?

Google+ is really concerned about privacy, or at least, that’s the approach Google takes. When new users sign up, Google has a number of “are you sure” responses when privacy settings are adjusted. Clearly, they are trying to pick up …

Billionaire Makes His Mark on Google Maps Billionaire Makes His Mark on Google Maps

Pranking Google Maps is nothing knew, however, this may be the first time a “prank” was motivated solely by vanity. What we have is a Sheikh from the Abu Dhabi area who is apparently really fond of the fact that …

Facebook Rolls Out Page Tagging in Photos Facebook Rolls Out Page Tagging in Photos

Starting Today, Facebook users can tag pages in their photos. Previously, only friends were able to be tagged and linked to within photos. A certain page can now be tagged by anyone on Facebook, not simply those who have liked …

SMX Rewind

So much covered, seen and happened in just two days. From FaceBook to Wikipedia and everything about social media in between. Finally, we wind up and take a dekko at all that we and everyone else from the SEM community have covered:

SMX: Marketer’s Guide to Social Bookmarking & Tagging
Consumers are sharing best-of-Web content with bookmarking and tagging sites like Del.icio.us and StumbleUpon. Flickr, YouTube and Technorati tap into "tagging" to categorize material, so people interested in topics can locate community finds. This session is a marketer’s guide to using bookmarking and tagging effectively.

Moderator: Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land

SMX Social Media: Social Bookmarking

At the SMX Social Media Conference panelists spoke about tagging and social bookmarking.

MyBlogLog Update Makes Misstep

Updates are usually good things, resulting in a cool new design, added features, or greater reliability.  But MyBlogLog seems to have goofed – while introducing tagging to its site, the Yahoo-owned social network basically called social media optimizers “spammers” and “schmoes.”

Arguing The Semantic Web: Dead Or Just Not Alive?
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The language used to describe the Semantic Web is complicated enough – at a glance, it looks a bit quantum theory-ish, just enough to make your eyes roll back into your head to look for ways to kill themselves – but Tim Berners-Lee, who’s responsible for all those Ws littering your URLs, inspired enough faith that whatever the Semantic Web was, it could be accomplished.

Content Tagging & Sharing Now Really Delicious

I’m probably a typical web user. Whenever I see a website page or a blog post that has something interesting, I’ll bookmark it in Firefox (or add it to favorites in Internet Explorer).

That’s the traditional way of keeping track of content out there you want to refer to again.

The Blogosphere’s Alive, And Turning Japanese

The blogosphere has evolved into a living, breathing organism; the interrelated parts stemming from its bloggadocious heart have branched to include tags, vlogs, and podcasts. It even has its own virus – the splog. This evolution spurred Technorati’s Dave Sifry to redefine it as the "Live Web," growing not as fast as it was, but growing nonetheless.

Key Issues in Web Anaytics Implementation and Rollout

I spent most of the last two weeks on the road – teaching down in San Diego at the WebSideStory DMU and manning a booth at the Omniture Summit. Going out and talking to so many people is always interesting (if a bit daunting for an essentially shy guy) – and if you take out the travel parts it was all pretty enjoyable.

Does SMM Do Mobile?

Pandia Search Engine News suggested as 2007 opened that this is the year of Social Media Marketing (SMM). Certainly and not unexpectedly everyone seems to be talking about it. In response, the Cre8asite Forums have opened a new Forum on Social Media and Tagging.

Tagging Video Content

User-generated video, blogs and podcasts are categorized by their creators and by those that choose to save the content and tag it. Tagging by original content creators and those who use-tagging systems is both a search and social function, according to a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Technorati Tagging Turns 2

Technorati announced tagging just two years ago! I found it hard to believe that tagging is only two years old. But on the web, I guess two is much longer than I think.