You Can Now Tag People in Instagram Photos

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You have always been able to tag users in Instagram posts, but two weeks ago Instagram announced that soon, you would be able to tag people in the photo itself.

The feature, called "Photos of You," was given a two-week long soft launch period in which users could opt-in if they so chose. Today it has been turned on for everyone.

"We wanted to take a moment to remind you that - if you haven’t turned it on already—your Photos of You section on Instagram will become visible today to those who can currently see your profile. Remember, you can easily adjust your settings so nothing appears on your profile until you approve it," says Instagram.

Instagram said that "many" users have already opted to turn the feature on, during the two-week soft launch.

All of the photos that you're tagged in will now appear in a special new profile section, aptly titled "Photos of You." As Instagram says, you'll have full privacy control over this. You can adjust your settings to make sure Instagram asks you to approve any photo before it appears in the section.

Besides the creation of the new Photos of You section, this new feature clears up an irksome problem with Instagram tagging. Before, there was really no way of telling whether a photo's @ mention was there to direct users to it, or if it meant that the user was actually present in the photo.

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