Instagram Now Converts @ Mentions to the Correct Twitter Handle

Josh WolfordSocial Media

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Instagram has just solved an ultimate first world problem. But first world or not, it was pretty annoying and this is an excellent fix.

What if you @mention your friend on Instagram and cross-post it to Twitter, but your friend has a different handle there than he does on Instagram. Then your tweet features a worthless @ mention that is definitely not your friend and could be someone random. Yikes.

Now, that problem is no more. Starting today, @ mentions on Instagram automatically translate to the correct @ mention Twitter.

That means that if your friend's Instagram handle and Twitter handle are different, the Instagram handle will automatically be converted to the correct Twitter handle on cross-posts. That is, assuming that your friend has already connected his Instagram account with his Twitter account.

If he hasn't, well, the @ sign will simply be removed when it's posted to Twitter. If you Instagram a photo with an @ mention that doesn't correspond to any user, the @ sign will stay when it cross-posts to Twitter.

Here are the types of tweets we're talking about, ones that make an @ mention and also include an link.

So go out and @ mention without fear, Instagrammers.

Josh Wolford
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