Billionaire Makes His Mark on Google Maps

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Pranking Google Maps is nothing knew, however, this may be the first time a "prank" was motivated solely by vanity. What we have is a Sheikh from the Abu Dhabi area who is apparently really fond of the fact that he exists, and so, he's decided to tell the world about it, via Google Maps (and other satellite mapping services). And so, he carved his name into the coast of Futaisi Island, an island he apparently owns.

Essentially, the Sheikh in question -- Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan -- essentially tagged the earth. The Sun has some details:

The mega-rich sheikh, 63 — a member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi — in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates — boasts a £14 billion fortune that is second only to the Saudi king's.

Who says the world's addiction to oil never led to anything creative? The report also reveals the letters in the ostentatious tag are a "kilometer" high and the entire tag spans two miles. As you can see:

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The "H" and the "A" in Hamad have also been converted into waterways. Furthermore, a closer look suggests the entire name tag is going to be some kind of water park/desert lake type of thing. The first leg of the "M" has been filling up with water as well, and one can only assume that, when everything's said and done, the entire name will be filled with water. Why else would they be allowing the "M" to collect water if that's the goal? Besides, all the letters are connected, indicating some kind of water channeling system.

It's also obvious that Shiekh Hamad is something of an egomaniac, or just a massive troll. Both are probably accurate, all things considered. One has to wonder, however, if he's upset his name appears upside down on these satellite images.

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