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Social Network Users’ Bill of Rights: Yay or Nay? Social Network Users’ Bill of Rights: Yay or Nay?
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With all the privacy concerns over the last year, it is not really surprising that Social Networking User Bill of Rights have been proposed. Although the idea of this type of Bill of Rights has been around for some time, no idea has ever had the power to stick.

What Not to Do When Creating Mobile Apps
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Businesses seem to struggle with building mobile applications. Sometimes it seems they rush to get a mobile product up, and other times, they seem to use exactly what they have, which doesn’t usually work on mobile devices.

Bing Director Reflects On Google Results “Copying” Ordeal
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As previously reported, Bing’s Duane Forrester and Google’s Matt Cutts spoke on a panel at SXSW about search rankings, and they didn’t even talk about the Google/Bing ordeal when Google accused Bing of copying results, and Bing accused Google of …

New Startup Aims to Meet Career Needs

Although more and more businesses find value in social media, they are also finding challenges. For instance, many businesses struggle to keep their employees productive on social sites. Another challenge is the size of social networks. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have experiences enormous growth, which can often be hard for businesses to leverage.

Browser War to Heat up with New Products from Opera
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With big news from Google Chrome and Firefox, the browser war has been anything but quiet lately. Norwegian browser Opera has also positioned its place in the war with several recent announcements. At SXSW, WebProNews caught up with Charles McCathieNevile, Opera’s Chief Standards Officer, to talk about the company’s recent efforts.

Why Foursquare Is the Leader in Location

Popular location-based service Foursquare was full of announcements at SXSW this year. According to Eric Friedman, the Director of Business Development for the startup, all of the announcements fit into the following categories: Discovery, Engagement, and Loyalty.

Qik for iPhone Improved with Qik Video Connect App Launched at SXSW

This week at SXSW, Qik, which was recently acquired by Skype, launched Qik Video Connect for the iPhone. WebProNews spoke with co-founder Bhaskar Roy about the product at the event. “Whoever are my friends on Qik – I can watch …

Easter Bunny Pictures and More Ways to Use Venture Capital
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At SXSW in Austin, WebProNews spoke with Ben Huh, Founder and CEO of the Cheezburger Network about some upcoming projects from the company, and a new site they launched aimed at capturing the darker part of Easter. It’s called Sketchy …

Angry Birds Developer Calls For Death Of Console Gaming
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The television was supposed to kill radio. The internet is supposed to stab television in the back. Email is supposedly going to be dead in a few years due to social media. I wonder if Twitter will commit harikari in …

Google and Bing Give Advice to Webmasters at SXSW Google and Bing Give Advice to Webmasters at SXSW
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Danny Sullivan spoke with Google’s Matt Cutts and Bing’s Duane Forrester on a panel today at SXSW Intertactive. Google and Bing sharing a stage usually makes for some search engine-related entertainment. You might recall Cutts and Bing’s Harry Shum bickering …

Barry Diller Talks Net Neutrality at SXSW

Barry Diller spoke about the various aspects of the media today. We looked at what he had to say about the The Daily Beast/Newsweek deal, The Daily, and the iPad here. Diller also spoke for a bit about net neutrality. …

Barry Diller Talks Daily Beast/Newsweek, The Daily, and the iPad at SXSW Barry Diller Talks Daily Beast/Newsweek, The Daily, and the iPad at SXSW
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Barry Diller, Chairman and Senior Executive of IAC/InterActiveCorp (and Expedia) spoke at SXSW Interactive today here in Austin about a variety of media-related topics. In response to all of the big valuations we’ve seen lately (Twitter, Groupon, etc.), he said, …

Can Synthetic Life Solve the World’s Problems? [SXSW]

Dr. J. Craig Venter talked about the creation of synthetic life and its potential to solve world problems at SXSW Interactive today. Venter is credited as one of the first biologists to sequence the human genome. He founded Genomics, he …

BUMP.com – Highway Social Media – SXSW
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AT SXSW Interactive, Bump.com (not to be confused with Bump Technologies), announced the launch of an interesting license plate messaging Android app and mobile site. The company says the app lets users “safely” send voice, email, photo, and SMS messages …

StumbleUpon Launches New Paid Discovery Platform [SXSW]

During SXSW Interactive, StumbleUpon launched a new advertising platform called Paid Discovery. StumbleUpon says Paid Discovery delivers “an engaged target audience directly” to advertisers without clicking through ads or links. “100% engagement, 100% of the time.” There are three versions …

Mike Tyson Appears at SXSW to Promote iPhone/iPad Game Mike Tyson Appears at SXSW to Promote iPhone/iPad Game
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One of the main attrations at SXSW Interactive has been boxing legend Mike Tyson. He appeared for two and a half hours or so today at the event’s Screenburn arcade, to help RockLive promote a new game based on his …

Robert Rodriguez Talks Sin City at SXSW Robert Rodriguez Talks Sin City at SXSW

This is a little off the beaten online business path (the usual subject area of WebProNews), but this is SXSW. This also happens to be one of my favorite filmmakers and a great film. Robert Rodriguez took time to speak …

Pee-Wee Herman Takes SXSW
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It’s hard to believe it has been so long, but in September of 2009, Pee-Wee Herman made his big comeback, and started actively using Twitter. Now, Paul Reubens (the actor who portrays Herman) has found his way to SXSW in …

Foursquare Talks Future of Locations at SXSW Foursquare Talks Future of Locations at SXSW

Everyone is trying to figure out the answer to getting location-based services to go mainstream. SCVNGR CEO Seth Priebatsch talked about this yesterday. He thinks this ¬†will be the decade of the gamer layer, and that looking at game mechanics …

Google to Announce Google Circles Social Network at SXSW? No.
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Update: Chris Messina tells WebProNews that Google has “nothing to announce today” and would not comment on Google Cirlces. Update 2: This seems official enough: @googlesxswGoogle at SXSWWe’re not launching any products at #SXSW but we’re doing plenty else. Join …

SXSW: TED Opens API to Developers SXSW: TED Opens API to Developers

TED Media Executive Producer June Cohen says TED follows a concept of “radical openness,” which is the basis for opening up the TED API. “We’re going to allow developers around the world to build their own TED apps,” she said. …